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Recent content by pisaac

  1. pisaac

    Aaron Bennett

    Of course, natch!
  2. pisaac

    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Have you got £50 million to spare?
  3. pisaac

    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    Bitcoin values have dropped 52% over the last 6 months
  4. pisaac

    Hughes and co..

    Ignore the saddos, that was interesting. They need to re-evaluate their lives, except I doubt they have one
  5. pisaac

    Match day parking

    This is very much the case. One or two permit holders raised such a fuss that stewards had to put a cone in the reserved space to ensure the correct holder could use it.
  6. pisaac

    Lancashireship Mini League 2022/23

    Technically Wigan is in Lancashire, as are Manchester, Liverpool, Oldham, Rochdale and so on. The administrative boundaries were changed in 1972, not the historical county boundaries. For the same reason Coniston, Barrow etc are still part of Lancashire.
  7. pisaac

    CONFIRMED Mikey O'Neil signs pro contract

    Since Thompson & Kendal for me!!
  8. pisaac

    Pre season plans

    I think it is a historical left-over from the days of factories and mills in the Midlands when thousands headed for Wales in their summer holidays. Plus it would be relatively cheap.
  9. pisaac


    You are proving my point! He didn't sell. The Glaziers would sell United for the right price.
  10. pisaac


    But you don't and no one does. As always on this forum it's all unfounded speculation. This summer will reveal all about Craig Hemmings intentions
  11. pisaac


    Agree with everything you say. Just wish his heading was better.
  12. pisaac

    Match Day - PNE v The Plastics - 25/04/22 - KO:19:30 - Championship

    You win my night's star prize for concocting the most idiotic comments. Well done.
  13. pisaac

    Match Day - PNE v The Plastics - 25/04/22 - KO:19:30 - Championship

    Remind me how many players in the squad were signed by RL?
  14. pisaac

    Top four strikers in different leagues

    League 1 - Finney, Tommy Thompson, Peter Thompson League 2 - Dawson, Godfrey, Nugent, Fuller That's as far as it goes for me!
  15. pisaac

    PNE a club to be proud of.

    I don't know how many Ukrainians are in the North West, but some show of solidarity would be good