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    Former PNE Players Thread

    Yeah, I didn't think he was going to go there and play every game, but I did think he'd be involved. Even more so given that Kabak certainly looks a lesser player than Ben. But it's seems he's gone there to play more of a Lonergan role: be a good pro, make up the numbers in training and enjoy...
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    Former PNE Players Thread

    Really starting to look like Klopp does not fancy Ben Davies at all. I wonder if he was only signed as a insurance in case they didn't get Kabak over the line. Or even if he's still got an agreement to end up at Celtic at the end of the season. Henderson just gone off and Nat Phillips preferred...
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    Team against Rovrum on saturday.

    Don't know but knowing Alex Neil not a single one of the new signings will start!
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Seems like it's an issue with loan slots. If Davies leaves now we need to use the last loan slot on a centre back. If he's going at the end of the season we'll use the loan slot for a winger. In either case it seems permanent replacements will have to wait until the summer.
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    Cunningham returns on loan (Confirmed)

    A lot to like about this signing: - Covers a position of weakness - Experienced player and good pro; good influence in the dressing room. - Already knows what will be expected of him by Alex Neil. And Neil clearly rates him (unlike some signings) - If he stays fit we've got a top Championship...
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    Browne at RB

    Browne is pretty solid at right-back. I'd argue probably better than anyone we could afford to pay to be second choice in that position If Fisher is allowed to leave, I'd like Rafferty go as well and try to bring in a clear first choice right back who'll play 90% of games. In that context I'd...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Sub him after 90 seconds I guess! And just to make the point that no-one is bigger than the club.
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Yeah, that's a fair point. Stupid idea I guess, but players refusing to play is just outrageous. No problem with not wanting to sign a new contract, or wanting to move whether for career or money, that's just ambition and understandable, but refusing to play is just so unprofessional! (If it's...
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    If that's genuinely true then AN should name him in the starting lineup, file the teamsheets with the League and see if he has the balls to let his team-mates start the game with ten men. Not sure many clubs would be clamouring to pay big wages to a players with that kind of attitude. As him...
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    To be honest, 25 is more than enough. It's mismanagement to have more than 25 senior professionals. Bear in mind than u21 players don't count either, so if you've got a three or four of youngsters on the fringes of the first team - which every club should surely look to be doing, then 20-21...
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    The so called big 4.

    I think the point is that there's a limit to how big his "big move" will be if he leaves. IE: He's not gonna get signed by a Prem team, and he's not going to get signed by a Championship team with serious Premier League ambitions. He's one of our best players, but if he leaves it'll be sideways...
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    English Football restructure

    Has anyone actually read these proposals properly? They generally make a lot of sense and would ensure the survival of a lot of struggling EFL clubs. The one big issue is the scrapping of one club one vote. Reinstate that and I'd be in favour.
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    Project Big Picture

    I don't believe that's correct. The telegraph stated that there would be two automatic relegation slots and two automatic promotion slots, plus as you say a playoff between three championship sides and the third from bottom prem team. So really not that different from now except the sixth place...
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    Project Big Picture My thoughts: A lot of sensible proposals with one massive caveat. 1. Premier League reduced to 18 teams: probably a good idea both for English clubs in Europe and the national team...
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    Match Day Thread - Brentford v PNE - 04/10/20 - KO:14:00 - Championship

    A lot of graft in that side, but not much guile. Looks like a side built to keep it 0-0 and then hope our subs can snatch a winner.