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    Yes, got myself a hat and a t-shirt while I was there. Wrigley Field is a great old-fashioned stadium surrounded by houses - like football stadia used to be like over here until they all moved out to retail parks.:( I liked the fact that some of the houses overlooking the stadium had seats on...
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    In baseball the Chicago Cubs. Once went to the Cubs - White Sox derby at Wrigley Field. Cubs won 12-4. Was a weird experience, 27,000 in the ground but nobody watching the game. Everyone was on the concourse buying beer and souvenirs and popping up now and again to check the score!
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    Buffalo Bills - I like the alliteration.
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    Rugby League World Cup

    Don't rule out Tonga! As others have said a lot of this is about the NRL not wanting to release players from pre-season training. Other Aussie sportsmen and women are happy to go to the Olympics, Wimbledon, etc with no problem at all. Go ahead with it. In 10 years time no one will remember...
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    New Away Kit (Confirmed)

    I'm colour blind and it rarely affects my enjoyment of the game. The only time it has affected me was a televised Liverpool v Man United game some years ago. One was playing in the usual red while the other was in a green change strip. The shade of green made the two strips virtually identical...
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    Trouble in Socialist Paradise?
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    St Helens v Hull RL semi-final

    At last! Good to get that monkey off our backs after 13 years. A good win in trying conditions - thought they were going to blow it at one point though.
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    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    How rude! And just because I don't slavishly follow the current orthodoxy like you do. Never mind, resorting to abuse shows you are unable to refute my arguments and have thus lost. Ultimately, yes it is. It is people who are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing the global...
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    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    So an organisation that receives its funding from the pro-climate change lobby discovers that climate change is occurring! What a shock!! It may be true, it may be a coincidence, we simply don't know for sure. A broadly similar sequence of events may have happened 200-300 years ago but because...
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    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    Not saying it is, not saying it isn't. What I am saying is that there has always been flooding on the continent. When I was a teacher I remember teaching the kids about the devastating floods along the Rhine in the '70s and '80s. The only reason it appears worse now is because there are so many...
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    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    Flooding on the continent! Well, that's never happened before! Must be climate change - better call Greta, she has all the answers!
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    Penalty shoot outs.

    Reduce the teams to 7-a-side with no goalkeepers (but with 1 designated player allowed to handle it) but you can only score from within the penalty area.
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    Should the PNE players take the knee ??

    It's certainly working wonders for dividing the football community and society in general. For me it's a pointless gesture. I'm not going to abuse the players, or anyone else, for the colour of their skin so why do it? It also irks me that mega-rich footballers have the audacity to tell me not...
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    England in the Euros.

    I only ever took one penalty. Not only did it clear the crossbar but it was still rising as it cleared the 12' chain-link fence surrounding the pitch! ;)
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    England in the Euros.

    I'm sorry but a 40% success rate just isn't good enough. I think Pickford could reasonably expect to be on the winning side having saved 2 penalties. I suppose a bigger question is, just how did Southgate arrive at those 5 penalty takers? Two had been on the pitch a matter of minutes, one for 15...