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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Lucas dropped a clanger in the last minute didn’t he🤔 Robert Taylor I think.
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    Derby v Sheffield Wednesday (Cardiff v Rotherham)

    How come Si? Has something new come up?
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    FA Cup final

    Good shout and to be fair, look at the dejection on the Chelsea players faces. They’re gutted. Not the best game but that was the most enjoyable final for a long, long time.
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    FA Cup final

    Got chills watching the players celebrating with the fans. Absolutely buzzing for Leicester, fully deserved and so pleased for the owner. Shame his dad can’t be there to see it.
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    FA Cup final

    Got your wish Still 1-0
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    FA Cup final

    How good to see eh??
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    FA Cup final

    In all seriousness, that really fucking hurts!!
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    FA Cup final

    Another tradition that is going out of the window.
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    FA Cup final

    Why wasn’t Tuchel wearing a suit when leading the side out?
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Not quite sure how to word this but I’ll try...........🤔 I’d rather have my penis flattened with a sledgehammer. I think that just about sums up how I feel about them. Not a fucking chance I want them anywhere near us.
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    Paul Gallagher.

    What a guy. True Professional, great role model and all round good man. Players like this don’t come around to often and it’s great to still have him involved here.
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    Retained List (Confirmed)

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    Boy killed by lightning strike in Blackpool

    Same here. Couldn’t believe it when I heard about it. Just an absolute freak of nature and a little boy is gone. Hope the parents find the strength from somewhere to get through this utter tragedy. RIP Jordan 😔
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    A message from Gally as he confirms his retirement from playing.

    For the most part the lad was sheer quality for us. Gave everything every game whether he was playing well or not. Thanks for the memories Gally and here’s hoping you create some even better ones as a coach here.
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Congratulations Frankie. Brilliant to see somebody so enthusiastic at the thought of managing us. Wasn’t my first choice but the man has certainly earned his shot and I’ll be right behind him(not literally).