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    European Super League

    One of the main problems is that the ESL is an American concept, but it doesn't work at all in a European system. The reason US sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA works is that they have a draft system so that even the worst teams have a chance to compete by drafting the best talent from the...
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    If not Neil then who?

    Tony Pulis?
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    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Some iconic moments for me as a PNE fan that I will personally never forget. - Ricardo Fuller completing his hat-trick vs Burnley. The first high-scoring game I think I'd been to - it was so exciting. - The Uriah Rennie show :oops: iconic refereeing performance - Brett Omerod breaking his leg...
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    Pearson sold to Bournemouth (Confirmed)

    He's the best central midfielder we've had for quite some time. Probably since we had McKenna and O'Neil.
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    Pearson sold to Bournemouth (Confirmed)

    A good signing for Bournemouth. Good luck to him.
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    Worst XI

    I thought the favourite 3 players thread was fun, but got me thinking about some of the less esteemed players we've had in the past too. So I thought it would be good to go down memory lane and try to make the worst starting 11 possible from our former players. GK - Iain Turner DEF - Craig...
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    Favourite 3

    Grezza Nugent McGeady
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    Emil Riis Jakobsen signed (Confirmed)

    Maguire: You're Emil Riis Jakobsen Riis : Yes Maguire: You play striker Riis: Yes Maguire: I play striker too Riis: so.. Maguire: well are you better than me... Riis: Well I never met you but...yes.
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    Emil Riis Jakobsen signed (Confirmed)

    Randers posted this video on their fb page. The fans seem very sorry to see him go.
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    Match Day - Tranmere Rovers v PNE - 25/08/20 - KO:15:00 - Friendly

    I think you can pause it as long as you want, but in my experience, once the stream finishes the picture tends to reset, so you might need to reload the page at that point.