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    Test Cricket 2021

    Never had the fortune to see him play (peaked a few years before I started watching cricket) but heard he was a real swashbuckler of a cricketer, always value for money.
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    Test Cricket 2021

    Good on Sri Lanka for making a fist of it today and yesterday. Made what was a very dull match into something of a contest. England should sweep home tomorrow though.
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    Test Cricket 2021

    Another cracking day in that series. Wish I’d been able to watch some of it. Aussies looking vulnerable at home to what is nearly a second string India. Maybe next winter isn’t a foregone conclusion for once.
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    Test Cricket 2021

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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Just a rumour going round on here bud. Hence why I said “if true”.
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

    Very surprised to hear he’s refusing to play. Doesn’t strike me as the type. If it’s true, he really can fuck off. No time for that. Davies has been honest with the club about wanting to leave but exemplary on the pitch when asked to perform and be professional. BP could learn a thing or two...
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    Match Day - Bristol City v PNE - 16/01/2021 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Happy with that lineup. Been said ad nauseam but our options in the middle of the park are unreal now.
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    Marcus Rashford

    Maybe not but your mum must have to produce someone as brain dead as you.
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    The Premier league so far this season.

    Want United to win to make it really interesting. Don’t think they’ll win the title but I want it to be a good race.
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    Really wouldn’t surprise me if we’re in for a couple of Derby players given TH’s pursuit of Lowe at Wigan during the previous window.
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    Ben Whiteman Joins PNE (Confirmed)

    Fuck, of course.
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    Ben Whiteman Joins PNE (Confirmed)

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    Ben Whiteman Joins PNE (Confirmed)

    Is he still managing? Thought he had his last job about 5 years ago... Edit: I was right. He hasn’t managed since 2014.
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Just judging from that picture and the interview with Browney after the Derby game, we might bemoan AN’s lack of charisma in front of the camera but he clearly gets on well with his players and amuses them.
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    Rooney named Derby Permanent Manager

    I’m repeating myself here but read an article in The Athletic (top footy magazine btw) in which many tipped Rooney to become a serious force in management. His dedication and hunger to know more about the discipline are second to none apparently. Probably what made him such a great player for a...