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    This Week in Dictatorship Britain

    Looks like it took a few days for George to catch up with me 😁 Seriously, I would like this thread to stay this vital topic... and use the This Week in Tory Britain one for the other stuff. This topic needs its own clear platform.
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    This corona virus thing...

    David Busst's foot once nearly went flying through the air.
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    The Premier league so far this season.

    Quite a few soft-arses leaving Goodison after 19 minutes as soon as they concede a second. Probably in the pub now, not feeling too happy that Everton are back in the game!
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    Covid 19 - counter arguments
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    This corona virus thing...

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    This corona virus thing...

    my Facebook feed has people genuinely aghast that Omicron is an anagram of Oncomir - which apparently relates to cancer, and this is definitely an omen. They don’t jest. They are a bit more jovial that it is also an anagram of Moronic!
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    McCann better than Pearson

    You're biased! (but I do agree)
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    Tennis Thread 2021

    Will be interesting to find out her reasons. Maybe a bit of injury, bit of pandemic disruption making it all a bit hard work. She is only 30 and as one who was a late bloomer, you’d have expected she still had more to give.
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    Funniest comedy sketch of all time

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    England 20 - 0 Latvia

    Half pay then. Simples!
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    This week in tory run Britain

    Unbe**ckinngbelievable! Hancock’s publican mate who owns Hinpack Limited - the one who got a massive PPE contract. Yesterday again Hancock denied it aggressively - calling it a fabrication- Labour lies - that Hinpack was ever given a contract. My understanding is that the Tories had been...
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    England 20 - 0 Latvia

    That would be sexist and grossly unfair. The men can’t expect the same pay until they too are racking up twenty goals a match.
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    England 20 - 0 Latvia

    There've been a lot of games with double figure scores... and of course it doesn't look good. Five hattricks - wow!
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    This Week in Dictatorship Britain

    It doesn’t get rid of the argument because those facts are hardly new - and will continue to be ignored!
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    Funnies Thread - Feel Free to Add More

    Ho-de Ho.