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    Message to supporters from Peter Ridsdale.

    Is it local?
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    Retained List (Confirmed)

    By I wouldn’t be surprised if we are happy to sell DJ if a reasonable offer comes in. If we are prepared to sell a player for a decent fee, I think he would be first choice.
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    I think Critchley and the new owners have done a brilliant job in turning the club round to finish 3rd. I would like to see them get the reward they deserve for their excellent efforts
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    Four youth team players sign pro contracts (Confirmed)..

    He was registered in the 25 man squad last season
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    This Season or Next ?

    The media generally are reporting it as a possible points deduction next season. Derby cannot appeal against the misconduct charge but they can challenge any sanctions which may follow. This guy Alonso seems a right idiot. It was revealed yesterday that a lavish home which was supposedly his...
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    Liam Lindsay joins on loan (Confirmed)

    Possibly owner introducing finance as share capital like TH does.
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Not sure. Apologies. I was meant to be replying to the poster who suggested that FM would be off if offered a number 2 job to AN. I was strongly disagreeing with that viewpoint.
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    Season Ticket Marketing Strategies

    I have been a season ticket holder for decades and I am not going to change a habit of a lifetime and never will unless health or death intervene!
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    Iversen signs on loan January '21 (confirmed)

    Rudd is better than Maxwell and Iverson is a lot better than Rudd and most, if not all, than the other championship goalkeepers
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    Liam Lindsay joins on loan (Confirmed)

    And our former financial director, Mr Scholes, is in charge of finances there! Good riddance
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Is anybody else fed up with people saying that FM is not their first choice but ...! I can just imagine them repeating that phrase if things start going wrong next season!
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Would you give up a number 1 position for a number 2 position? Also, if FM has a one year rolling contract, it is very doubtful that any club would pay us the contracted compensation for a number 2.
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    Early summer transfer gossip

    But is Dunne tall enough? What makes you happy with him? How often have you seen him play?
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    Early summer transfer gossip

    There is a Photo if you google him
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    Liam Lindsay joins on loan (Confirmed)