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    Prediction League - Bristol City v PNE - 16/01/2021 - Championship

    Bristol 0 PNE 3 SINCLAIR 2 cards
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    If Pearson stays then our midfield is pretty damned impressive. He has real presence and impact on the team. Please stay
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    The squad needs an overhaul for certain. Hopefully we can keep a couple of the 5 out of contract players or get fees for them. Then build again and get rid of the dead wood. We desperately need quality cover in defence, right across the back line. Think the cub needs to be ruthless and...
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    Prediction League - Wycombe v PNE - 09/01/2021 - FA Cup 3rd Round

    Wycombe 0 PNE 3 Riis 3 cards
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    Hunts extends his contract (Confirmed)

    PNE Stalwart. Always gives everything he has. A no nonsense defender. Deserves a testimonial hopefully with us in attendance.
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    Prediction League - PNE v Coventry - 29/12/2020 - Championship

    PNE 2 Coventry 1 Riis 1 card
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    Prediction League - Derby v PNE - 26/12/2020 - Championship

    Derby 1 Preston 2 Sinclair 1 card
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    Prediction League - Barnsley v PNE - 15/12/2020 - Championship

    Barnsley 0 PNE 4 RIIS 4 CARDS
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    Prediction League - PNE v Middlesbrough - 09/12/2020 - Championship

    PNE 3 Middlesbrough 1 Sinclair 3 cards
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    Riddler interview with Lancs Live.

    I understand the situation over contract renewals. I hope we can keep as many as possible. As fans we can be very fickle at times , and the players we want to keep can be called fit to burn after a couple of lower rate performances. I hope that we can find our spark again. When we play...
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    Match Day - Watford v PNE - 28/11/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Such a tricky situation at the moment. I don't believe anyone wants this negativity. The manager will always believe he is doing the right things. Its integral to self belief. But is that the issue? The players must be exhausted with the schedule. Some bigger squads are feeling it and...
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    Prediction League - Watford v PNE - 28/11/2020 - Championship

    WATFORD 4 PNE 1 Deene 3 cards
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    Neil OUT

    I fear that he is now passing the blame onto players and there appears to be conflict. I have generly supported AN, we appear to concentrate on other teams and not what our strengths are. Might be time to change. Gallagher to take teml charge ??