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    Did you not know not to believe anything any politician says about anything. If their lips are moving.............they're telling lies.
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    It is the same width as last season. It was wider before the playoff final against Swindon. Simon Grayson had it narrowed.
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    I seem to remember Simon Grayson saying he had the pitch narrowed before the playoff final against Swindon to match the width dimentions of Wembley. I could be wrong but I got that from somewhere. Personally, I would like it to be as wide as before (if indeed it was narrowed) to enable us to...
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    Michael Appleton

    All the best 'Appy. Hope all goes well and you have a full recovery.
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    Where were they?

    Yes I agree with all you say, I'm not looking for an argument, I am just saying if indeed he was carrying an injury, it was pretty obvious his form was being affected and therefore he should have been rested. To play someone who's form is off is a smack in the teeth to others in the squad (who...
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    Where were they?

    Indeed it does mate, however, I maintain that the club was negligent of his welfare by continuing to play him. If the manager doesn't pick you, you don't play, if the manager says "get yourself better" you get yourself better and come back in a fit state to be effective.
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    New Home Kit & Sponsor (Confirmed)

    I got a shirt on Friday. The size (L) is fine. I must admit that despite me thinking 'it's a football shirt, what's all the fuss about', when I saw it on the rack I did think 'oh actually it is pretty awful, I bought it anyway and you know what, it looks OK on so win, win.
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    Where were they?

    If he was carrying an injury (for most of the season) it's no wonder he struggled to find consistency. In fact I would go further and suggest the club were out of order asking/expecting him to play while injured.
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Wasn't the top division of English football called the Premiership when Blackpool had their one season in the modern sun? If so then they have never been in the Premier League and their history is null and void, if you go by we8's philosophy of disregarding all past achievements.
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Why do you put double into inverted commas? Just to clarify for you, we won the league without losing a game and the F.A. Cup without conceding a goal. In any era against any opposition that is a significant achievement.................unless of course, it was achieved by the club you envy the...
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    Paul Mariner dies aged 68

    Yes and according to Sky news only played for Ipswich??? At least that's the only club shown on their acknowledgement of the news.
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    Paul Mariner dies aged 68

    Oh what sad news. Cracking player, loved watching him. R.I.P. Paul.
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    Hull City (h) 7-8-2021

    That's because if they gave clubs the full capacity of that shed they call a stand, (love the retro 1950's pillars) they would have more fans than them at most matches ;)
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    New Away Kit (Confirmed)

    Fat sod 🤣
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    Does This Ring a Bell?

    All right now - Free. At the end of the match when we've thrashed the Lashers 😁