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    MUST Not Lose

    We need about 4 or 5 wins from Derby (h), Huddersfield (a), Sheff Wed (a), Forest (h), Brentford (a), Brum (h) and Bristol (a). I can't pick 4 from them. Discount Brentford because we'll get beat there, that's 6 games where we can't afford to drop points from 4. If we don't win tomorrow it'll be...
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    Coronavirus football options summarised (Premier League Restart 17/06/20 (post1,630)

    Not read the whole thread but I've figured this out Teams via the app and also in a browser, you can then have as many Teams tabs open as you like whilst using the app at the same time. It's not perfect but it solves the issue of using the messaging function and viewing...
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    PNE top of the league...

    Exactly this. It generally means a ball that bypasses the midfield, but lot of fans perceive long balls to mean an aimless hoof down the centre of the pitch to the final third. The stat will also include diagonal switches as you say, fullback up the line to the winger's feet/into the space...
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    Club Appeal Fisher's red card (Succesfull - Overturned)

    If it doesn't get overturned then does the ban extend as punishment for a 'frivolous' appeal?
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    Operating loss

    Just scrolled through this thread to see if this had been clarified, it seems not - where does this leave us in terms of FFP? The last time I looked at it, the rules stated that a club could lose up to £39m over a rolling 3 year period. In simple terms, we've lost £14.3m over 1 year, so we must...
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    Music Preston have run out to

    The club tried to bring Margie back about 15 years ago after suggestions by the fans. It was piped in over the tannoy before the game. Didn't catch on.
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    PNE v Blackburn Rovers semi final Lancashire Senior Cup

    He tends to do well when he does get a game. And with the misfiring Maguire showing no signs of improving his form, there is a case to give him another go.
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    PNE v Blackburn Rovers semi final Lancashire Senior Cup

    So can we take it that those starting today probably won't be starting v Swansea? Stockley is the only contentious one there, Neil must think the target man approach won't work v Swansea, or perhaps he'll go with the same line up as the Barnsley game.
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    Speaking of sell-ons, anyone know if we have one in place for Robinson? If Nixon is to be believed then he might be back in the Championship soon with WBA.
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    Team v Derby

    First time I went there was when Cresswell got Warren Barton sent off, Cresswell held onto the ball too long for Barton's liking and he wrestled it off Cresswell. The ref sent Barton off. We beat them 2-0, think that was back in the Pa Broone days. Early 2000s.
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    Let’s sell out Derby away

    There's absolutely no chance we're losing tomorrow. I'd bet my house on it, I'm that confident.
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    Josh Earl joins Bolton on loan - starts for them today

    Looks like he played centre half too, from the Quest highlights. LB to CB is the same route that Ben Davies went down too, isn't it? Maybe he can be that left-footed centre half we'll need if Davies leaves. Though I don't think he can make the step up soon enough - Davies will leave in the...
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    Training ground update

    What worries me is that planning consent expires in Feb 2020, that will come around very quickly now. What do we have to do by then to ensure that we don't have to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops again? Is it as simple as breaking ground on site (which, now I think about it, isn't very...
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    The Fisher King

    Good player, yes. But he has traits that frustrate the life out of me. His constant diving/looking for a soft freekick worries me - it'll backfire at some point when we come up against a ref/liner that don't fall for it. I do like how he winds up the opposition though, the frustration was...
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    Plans for New 'BIG FANS FLAG' - Have your say.

    What happened to the crowd-funded flags that cropped up a few years ago? I'm sure there were a few, seem to remember a Sir Tom one, a Clockwork Orange-inspired one, a 'long' one (no idea what was on it now). Don't see them anymore, unless I've not been paying attention