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    Message to supporters from Peter Ridsdale.

    Thought he hinted at that a couple of months back? Something to do with adapting to how times have changed and how people will have got used to watching games at home.
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    England in the Euros.

    You’ve suggested a flat four of: Bellingham Mount Grealish Foden That midfield would get torn apart. Rice and Phillips would deal with the teams you mention far better. Would personally have Rice and Henderson (if fit) in the two, but wouldn’t be against Mount being in there.
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    Message to supporters from Peter Ridsdale.

    “Despite some people suggesting that the squad was not good enough to compete, the last eight games yielded 17 points out of a possible 24 including matches against four out of the top six teams. Five wins, two draws and only one loss was the second best in the Championship during this period...
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    Boy killed by lightning strike in Blackpool

    I know the parents of a child in his team. Absolutely devastating. Can’t image what the parents are going through.
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Gally part of the coaching staff too. Good news.
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    If not Neil then who?

    If you’re giving McAvoy the job, you keep the coaching staff as it is, surely?
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    Well done Frankie McAvoy!

    Pathetic from Rotherham etc
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    England in the Euros.

    04 I think. In 2000 we played them in the group stages, threw away a two-goal lead
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    England in the Euros.

    Argentina in 98
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    Carlo Nash

    Can’t believe that thread was 10 years ago. Looks alarmingly similar to this season though, nobody really deserving of the award. Can see next season going similarly to the season after that one, too.
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    Champions League /Europa League

    The pair of them and Haaland.
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    Frankie McAvoy

    I’m still not convinced, but he’s done a cracking job. The players say he’s simplified things and is a happy character - that’s exactly what you want after a manager has left and confidence is on the floor. We’re still effectively in the honeymoon period. I’d question whether that’s enough...
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    Ben Davies

    Don’t get this. Double J has some fairly wild views but he’s been spot on about our recent contract renewals and this. Why would Davies want to leave, have a club like Celtic want to sign him permanently, then come here on loan next season? Especially as we’ve regressed? It’s delusional to...
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    Greg Cunningham signs new 2 year deal (Confirmed)

    It’s a valid point tbf.
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    Greg Cunningham signs new 2 year deal (Confirmed)

    Surely the owner has learnt (the hard way) to keep out of these sorts of things by now?