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    Loanwatch 2021

    Another goal for stockley
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    Teenager murdered near Deepdale.

    Apparently it was about these kids and there rapping shite .pathetic
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    Teenager murdered near Deepdale.

    Need to start giving out big sentences for knife crime and bigger sentences for attempted murder, close to murder charges and 5 year sentences for carrying knives or this will never stop .
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    Not able to watch it through fire stick. I follow is useless
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    Thanks iv set it up on a fire stick through fire for i think as couldn't find silk .what time does coverage usually start ?
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    Ok thanks. I did try doing all this last season but to no avail .tried ringing ticket office and they couldn't help either .ill give it another go tonight. Thanks paddy
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    Do you still have to watch through mobiles/tablets?or can it be watched through a smart TV?any help is appreciated
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    Red button games on nowtv/Sky.

    The games being shown on sky bet for anyone interested
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    Which keeper starts v Swansea?

    But parkin scored goals and could actually play .
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    Former PNE Players Thread

    I remember speaking to Cummins on one of the open training days at deepdale on the pitch .I asked him was it a big step up from Irish league to league 1 just chatting being friendly seen as im not a professional footballer.he basically told me to go away. One of the most arrogant football...
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    Match Day - PNE v Birmingham City - 18/07/20 - KO15:00 - Championship

    Preston are so boring to watch .the alcohol on match days make it seem enjoyable.
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    Thats what I'm trying on my xbox as laptop or fire stick wouldnt work last time. but not sure how to test it or when footage starts but its loaded up .
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    Sky Sports

    100% they can do one
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    Sky Sports

    Just rang virgin and wasnt offered a thing as on a deal and price would go up .jokers
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    Encounters with North End players, in normal life

    Mates mum was going out with gregan .used to go round regular in the 1st and 2nd year of high school. Sound bloke .often saw Rankine there . Also saw Beckford in fitness first on the rowing machine so went on next one and talked about his play off goals .