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    New pub for Preston?

    Is there a name for the Tulketh micro yet?
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    Paul Hartley Just released by Celtic and having a medical with Bristol City. An experienced head who would be ideal for the Championship. We appear to be missing out on player after player :rolleyes:
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    Oldham Athletic's night at the dogs! Good to see Big Sean gets a mentions!!
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    The Courteeners

    Old thread about them has gone so I'll start a new un. They have announced that they will kick off their new UK tour in Preston @ 53Degrees on Monday 29th September. Tickets went on-sale this morning and are still available :- Linky
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    The Twang

    From another thread, just thought it deserved its own :cool: Is it just me that thinks The Twang are absolutely utter w@nk? For a start 2 frontmen singers is wrong and the awful way they speak :confused: (rather than sing) the lyrics makes me cringe. Top it off with the most annoying accent...
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    Rowan Vine

    Now that Birmingham are signing Garry O'Connor, Rowan Vine would be 4th choice striker behind Cameron Jerome and DJ Campbell. I reckon he would be the perfect signing, he was useful at Luton (bagged about 12 I recollect?), is fairly big (target man) and probably wouldn't cost too much (£1mil...
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    Going next week on a stag do for a long weekend with a few pne-online reprobates (Bleasdale, Soul Driver, Soames). Anyone been, got any recommendations etc?
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    The Coral @ 53 Degrees

    The Coral @ 53 Degrees : Wed 13th June :cool: Presale link :
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    Inept Defence

    I have posted on other threads about our defending tonight but here is a quote from our manager on tonights performance This is close to the bone as it comes from Simmo and I hope that players read this and understand how much it has got to the fans and manager. Our defence tonight (Chilvers...
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    Your Preferred R1 Big Weekend Acts

    Leading on from other threads about Radio 1's Big Weekend, I thought it would be interesting to see who people would love to see. List your top 3 preferred (be realistic) in order please :- I would wet my pants at seeing these in Moor Park and for free :- 1) The Chemical Brothers :eek: 2)...
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    Ocean Colour Scene @ Manchester Apollo

    Tomorrow Friday 22nd December. Anyone going? Me and Soul Driver are going and staying over on the sesh.
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    Chris Sedgwick

    I know McKenna got official MOM today but I though Sedgwick deserved it more. He was immense, he put himself about the pitch more than I've seen! He was tackling, passing and crossing with ease and making Sunderland look average. I've never been a massive fan of his but I thought today he was...
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    The Mill re-opening??

    I've heard this? Is this true? Anyone got th'ears t'ground?
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    Season 3 - Episode 1

    LOST.S03E01 - A Tale of Two Cities Is available in the usual places ;)
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    Liam Frost

    If you like Badly Drawn Boy then this mush is right up your street, its not astoundly original but its very very good.