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  1. billymac


    Stu aka boltons1 sadly passed away yesterday, he had fought his brain tumor with great strength and dignity, he leaves a loving wife and a beautiful wee daughter. Stu played for the fans footy team for years and was very much loved by so many, he had hoped to see his beloved PNE play their...
  2. billymac

    WIBG banned thread closed

    If this action is not a complete vindication of the "trolls" that can do what they want and say what they want without any fear of "management" by the mods then I really don't know what is??? WIBG hasn't been allowed to post for weeks and a thread "debating" this ban and taken over by so many...
  3. billymac

    OOOO and what really happened at "that" Forum

    It has been very plain to anyone who used to read what I posted about Westley that I was not his greatest fan, I saw through him from that vey first game at home to Orient where his new charges managed ZERO shots (not even on target) but at goal, I saw his new boys Holroyd, Procter and was it...
  4. billymac

    Post limit for non patrons?

    It's been an issue that I have had for some time now, why do the forum patrons have to support the non patrons who enjoy nearly all the same facilities that this place offers. I would limit non patrons to a max of 10 posts per week and I am sure that the admins could introduce an automatic "cut...
  5. billymac


    Congratulations on your engagement Simon, all the very best mate.
  6. billymac

    UK economy back at pe-crisis levels Not a bad effort I think.
  7. billymac

    Since TH took control

    Early Jan 2010 we are comfortable in the championship, not playing great football but not in any real danger re staying in that league, AI potted and the then chairman wants to bring in Cotterill but is not allowed and TH's mates lad is given the job, well we just miss being relegated and also...
  8. billymac

    Gallagher & Kilkenny

    Do we have enough if these two return to their clubs? Stuckmann, Rudd Clarke, King, Huntington and Wright Keane, Humphrey, Welsh, Brownhill, Byrom, Holmes, Hayhurst, Laird, Buchanan Davies, Garner, Beavon and Hume Or do we need more to cover for suspensions and injuries? (not including...
  9. billymac

    4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1

    What is the point in bringing a player like Kevin Davies to the club if all he is asked to do is plough a lone furrow up front. Holmes was the latest to not support him, and with the wingers only having Davies to aim at it is little wonder we have not scored a league goal yet. Rotherham should...
  10. billymac

    Revitt & Kay, Taylor and Abbot?

    The two directors of the Limited company that own us; Deepdale PNE Holdings Ltd, then Taylor and Abbot who are directors at the club say absolutely nothing and leave any link to the fans to a "man" who is not even employed by the club, just what the hell is going on? Kay and Revitt are the two...
  11. billymac

    Half way through...................................

    So here we are at the mid point of the season, 20ish new players, all the "overpaid dogwnak" players out and we find ourselves with 7 wins, 9 draws and 7 defeats, still in 2 cups but with falling crowds at Deepdale, how do you guys and girls really think it has gone? Me, I expected better, I...
  12. billymac

    Westley Wankerettes, where are you?

    Sainty, onemangang, dylan, Raef, Nobber etc etc etc Westley completely fucked the job up today, changed a winnig side and made it much worse, tactical gimp with his subs and yet again a twat on the touchline when he is easily beaten by the ability of another manager or maybe it was because his...
  13. billymac

    "ignore the clowns that want to hold this club back"

    So then Graham, you are allowed to bring in a complete new squad, non playing staff have been removed and there are only three over at Rossendale, so just who are "the clowns" that are still holding this club back, or should we call YOU Charlie Carolli?
  14. billymac

    18 from 63

    Big thanks to Mr.Westley and his management team supported by Peter Ridsdale, 18 poxy points with only 14 goals scored in nearly half a seasons worth of "football" and not one bit of appreciation from any of the management team towards the superb PNE fans who made the trip to Bournemouth on...
  15. billymac

    Restricted access for non patrons?

    Just a quick observation, many former patrons have simply stopped paying and newer members either seem oblivious to the fact that this place needs financing or couldn't care less that money is always needed, so with that in mind I would propose a 30 post limit per month for non patrons. At 1.5p...
  16. billymac

    2 more gone today

    The psychologist and conditioning coach were both shown the door today, the bench is going to look a bit less crowded on Saturday, fuck knows how the players who have relied on Farrell to boost their fragile egos are going to cope, and those inspirational halftime warm ups with the conditioning...
  17. billymac

    Match fit?

    Given that young Proctor was asked to play a full 90 minutes just 3 and a bit weeks after a serious op begs the question just how match fit is our squad? We seem to change the line up week in week out so how can players get a decent run to help with their match fitness, we bring in short term...
  18. billymac

    Mike Farrell

    What does this guy do/bring to the party? Why have we (as a third division team) employed the services of a sports performance coach/psychologist on a fulltime basis yet Brown has gone on and on about players lacking confidence, or a collective mentality, October is a hard month???? it is all...
  19. billymac

    Phil Browns hokey cokey

    Keepers; Turner in Turner out Arestidou in Arestidou out Stuckman in.......................Carroll who should have been in now in Crete? Right backs: McLean in McLean out McLaughlin in McLaughlin out Gray in Gray out Clucas in Clucas out Centre backs; Morgan in Morgan out Carlisle in Carlisle...
  20. billymac

    What has Phil Brown brought to PNE?

    A 30% overall win % during his mangerial career with including cup games a 33% ratio at PNE, he was sacked from Derby when his win ration was 15% and Hull at 33%, so we have a man at the very top of his game results wise!!!!!! He has brought PNE a full time psychologist and yet blames...