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  1. outreacher

    The Labour Party are cockwombles .....

    Showing your age Libs, 'it's as much use as a chocolate gas boiler'.
  2. outreacher

    The “Trans” debate

    Gives us a twirl..
  3. outreacher

    Brexit never? Britain can still change its mind, says Article 50 autho

    Maybe where Raef gets his corduroy trousers, tweeds and cravats from.
  4. outreacher

    Favourite sandwich.

    Bread and dripping.....kidding.
  5. outreacher

    Economic migrants or refugees?

    When you work in a foreign country and earning money is the aim, then cheap accommodation is a must. I remember sharing a 1 bed flat in London with 6 Preston lads that worked on building contracts and went home at weekends. There was one bed on a frame and 5 mattresses on the floor. Was cheap...
  6. outreacher

    This week in tory run Britain

    A bit of a Mickey Take?
  7. outreacher

    What Are You Listening To?

    I like Triana.
  8. outreacher

    Connor Wickham Signs (Confirmed)

    People :)
  9. outreacher

    Neil Critchley to be sacked

    You took that from the Mayor of Blackpool's rousing speech to the townsfolk. We are poor and outclassed by the rest of Lancashire, even our football team is shit. Rally round Blackpudlians, 'We are BLackpool!
  10. outreacher

    This corona virus thing...

    Very common amongst those Buddhist monks who are skilled in contortionist techniques, also m*** divers, suffer from this painful lesion.. W***kers Syndrome.
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  12. outreacher


    We haven't seen his overhead kicks yet, next week way he is nicking the goals atm.
  13. outreacher

    This corona virus thing...

    I googled it, 'Often caused by sexual activity'.... have you got the latest version of google?
  14. outreacher

    Match Day - Sheffield United - 14/09/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Good result, played really well, when their 2nd went in it was a downer but not the 'how crap we have been' I thought should have been a draw. When Riis scored it was the right result, feeling optimistic this season, the team is looking good and improving. Come on you whites!!!
  15. outreacher

    Brexit never? Britain can still change its mind, says Article 50 autho

    That was the plan Nobs, unfortunately Covid happened, plus opposition to the Tories is almost almost non-existent. On the bright side is the total incompetence, deceit and wilful spending of public funds by Johnson's mob, which won't wash for much longer with the voters.
  16. outreacher

    Korea tests Ballistic missile

    This is worth a watch Raef, about the nuclear weapons surrounding China and N Korea, pretty scary stuff.
  17. outreacher

    This corona virus thing...

    Get Jeremy back! We need a revolution.......:oops:
  18. outreacher

    This corona virus thing...

    Just after the GP there was a woman on that wanted a diagnoses, she had a lump in her breast, this during Covid and was told by her GP's surgery they couldn't see anyone at the surgery at that time, nothing they could do, better if she booked a private appointment and they gave her a number...
  19. outreacher

    This corona virus thing...

    I heard a horrible phone in from a doctor on LBC last night. His information was that the 42 CEO's being appointed to manage the 42 hospital trusts were there to implement an American style of healthcare, privatisation by stealth. There will be a push in phone appointments and video meetings...
  20. outreacher

    The Labour Party are cockwombles .....

    She didn't like me when we first met, but then I wooed her and now she tolerates me because I fix the things she breaks..