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    FAO all PNE players contracted beyond summer 2022

    Get your contracts out. Look in the fine print for Relegation Clause. Examine're likely going to be a lot worse off.No one is likely to buy you so the only option available is get your fingers out, show some pride and make sure we stay in the Championship. (mini...
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    Striker injury update anyone?

    It was mentioned on here a striker was injured v Burnley u23s. Does anyone know who, and how they're doing. ( If it was Evans we're in trouble imo)
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    25 man squad

    Name them. Iverson and as yet unknown Striker may be included. We're thin imo...........quantity plenty, quality lacking. Same old, same old. Don't know why this is a sticky...
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    So now its all over.....

    Who have we seen in a PNE shirt for the last time?
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    Song for Alex Neil

    Moody Blues..........GO NOW
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    Place your bets

    Not Cheltenham. Will Maguire start? It's a yes from me ( not that I think he should).
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    Can anyone defend him now?

    After that shitshow?
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    All these loans

    Anyone else think they are sticking plasters to get safely us to the end of the season? Could bite us on the arse in summer ( don't know why this is in stickys)
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    Management by numbers

    Is this the extent of ANs capabilty? If so then then the whole management team should go.
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    Lessons from all this?

    What will they be? Will the club learn that (in all probability) it was too little too late so avoid being in the same position again? Will the players learn that, pending whether those OOC this summer get to wear the shirt again, intentions should be made VERY clear well in advance of their...
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    Can't afford to pay players their outstanding wages from December. Maybe the sponsor will pay.......
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    Did the win paper over the cracks?

    Only seen highlights so genuine question. Never going to be easy against a Pulis team.
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    A ray of hope

    DJ isn't in the squad as a move is on the cards. AB/BD and BP are. One can only hope.
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    Some tough calls for AN

    As we head to the start of the season AN has a bit of a selection headache. Ledson has done himself no harm, nor has Earl. BFG has been a little bit and miss,Browne faces serious competition (even at right back) and as you go forward it's even worse with Potts carrying on from last...
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    Three days after Bayern win last season's Champions League Celtic are out of this seasons. Shows what a tin pot league they play in.
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    So where do we go from here?

    Neil Out? I started the thread and still believe it's the right option.I acknowledge that this is not the sole issue as THs consistent refusal to fund the signing of adequate replacements when our annual best players sale has been completed certainly does not help matters, but if you were in his...
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    Neil Out?

    Thought I'd start it............someone was bound too!
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    Goal of the season

    As we're unlikely to see anymore live as in actually there, what's your choice? With an honorable nod to Browny v Leeds (great team goal) and Harrop v T'Rovers for me, also v T'Rovers it's Barkys winner when they we're........... "2:0, and you fcked it up, 2:0............" I was behind the...
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    Graham Jones gone from Luton

    Mutual consent. Seems odd at this time.
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    The 56 day solution

    Will the "bigger" clubs with bigger squads have an advantage?