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  1. Durutti

    Do we fit a 4-2-3-1?

    I know it's got a bit of a bad rep after Neil's final months here but are we shooting ourselves in the foot by not operating a 4-3-2-1 system? It's the most popular formation across European football used by just about every elite club and plenty in this division. I know not many squads suit it...
  2. Durutti

    Gregg Cunningham MKII

    This new version of Gregg has never looked right and for all the justified criticism of Lindsay, Cunningham was attrocious today for a longer period of time. He offers nothing in terms of aerial ability, poor mobility, can't play LCB or LWB. What on earth did he do to justify a two year deal...
  3. Durutti

    Anyone know anything about the players who are out?

    I do hate the new culture of cloak and dagger in terms of injury but I suppose it does make opponents struggle to plan ahead. Anyone have any news on Ched, Sinclair, Barky? Obviously on a public forum nobody should be discussing whatever Huntington is going through as it sounds absolutely...
  4. Durutti

    Patrick Bauer Appreciation Thread

    What a brilliant performance today. What a massive difference this guy makes to the team. Needs to stay fit now. Love him.
  5. Durutti

    Time for Bayliss surely??

    We edge closer to safety and for that, I salute the efforts of Frankie McAvoy who has played his hand well enough for me. But does it feel to anyone else like Bayliss getting ten minutes would, according to the last two managers, usher in the second ice age? How fucking awful is this lad in...
  6. Durutti

    Frankie McAvoy Thought this deserved it's own thread given that Neil leaving is the past and McAvoy coming in is the (possibly short term)...
  7. Durutti

    Putting it in perspective

    We've lost Davies, the best defender in the division at the last stage of the window and had to scramble for replacements. The work that went into making Davies who he has become can't just be bought without serious cash. Lindsay could be a surprise package. I see why people are underwhelmed...
  8. Durutti

    Should we loan out Bayliss?

    We now have a lot of midfielders and a lot of quality. He is still treated like an 18 year old at PNE and he just isn't, he needs games. I'd loan him to a good league 1 club. Would shudder to look at a pecking order now but he isn't getting a game any time soon. This is a waste.
  9. Durutti

    Would you drop Browne after the Cov game?

    Don't get me.wrong here, I'm a big fan of Browne. Few players in the championship can shape a game like he can with a goal or killer pass. The performance against Cov was a 3/10 at best though and I actually felt like we were far improved after he left the field. We have a lot of central...
  10. Durutti

    Really impressed tonight

    Some fantastic football played by our lads tonight and should have won by a greater margin. We are frustratingly inconsistent but it's just so clear that all the players, even the contract rebels are still behind the manager. What a better team we are when Fisher is in it. Gallagher superb...
  11. Durutti

    Did anyone expect a win today?

    Seriously? Can we have a bit of perspective FFS?
  12. Durutti

    Gender Pay Gap is a myth

    It's been well argued for a while by sane folk but Jonathan Pie's sketch is probably the best debunking you'll see. Love the "we can't use any of this" line.
  13. Durutti

    RIP Free Speech in the UK (Graham Linehan story)

    Father Ted writer Graham Linehan has been given a harassment warning from West Yorkshire police, erm, because a bloke in a dress asked them to issue one against him, essentially...
  14. Durutti

    Do you engage with people who have different political views?

    I'm genuinely interested in how much interaction and debate goes on between each side of the political spectrum. I'm a socialist and NHS defender at heart but work with a true blue Tory who, despite my opposition to their political views, is a bloody good person. We seriously debate and piss...
  15. Durutti

    Best routes from Preston to London?

    Recently made my annual drive down to Cardiff for a conference but took some advice of a Welsh bloke at work who showed me a truly brilliant, picturesque A road route. Anyway, I'm off to t'capital tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knew any better routes than just sat nav motorway boredom...
  16. Durutti

    Illegal immigrants being reported shocker

    Irish immigrant’s arrest highlights race's role in deportation - Am I missing something here? I'm the son of an immigrant and the husband of another immigrant who both went about staying in the UK legally. I just don't understand the story...
  17. Durutti

    Is it time to take the advice of every terror expert...

    ...and stop publishing the name and/or religion of terrorists? I've heard it time and time and time again. From psychologists to the terror expert who lectured me on the subject through my work. If a suicide bomber knows they will get no fame, no honour, no 'lone wolf' status, you will pretty...
  18. Durutti

    Why is nobody reporting this? Apart from the independent, of course. This seems fucking massive.
  19. Durutti

    Matched Betting

    Anyone else done this? I started a few months back after reading the following guide: I'm now £860 quid up. While I won't be quitting the day job it keeps me in beer money. It's not really betting as such, more using the...
  20. Durutti

    Let's be smarter than your average footy fan

    Look, shocking result today (for which the players seem strangely blameless on here) and I'm not defending it. In life you should always do things for a reason. What reason would we have for firing Grayson? Is he a bad manager? The man with one of our highest points per game tallys in our...