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    Match Day - Middlesbrough v PNE - 23/11/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    I don't get the point of references to Iversen and VDB. The whole point of getting these players on loan is to provide the sort of quality that we can't afford to buy. I would be annoyed if they didn't perform to this level. If Middlesborough don't take advantage of being on top that's their...
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    January signings

    I'm not sure how much interest there would be for Riis in the current economic situation. Mitrovic with 21 from 18 in this league hasn't looked that good in the Prem. Same for Armstrong this season 2 goals in the Prem. The top of the Championship would be more likely but they wouldn't pay the...
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    Matthew Olosunde Signs (Confirmed)

    Or bring him on for the last 20-30 minutes to get him up to speed and match fitness as he's only had 60 minutes of reserve football. There's another Reserve match next week, I think, that he could play in too.
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    Match Day - Middlesbrough v PNE - 23/11/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Credit to pne for bringing him back this season then?
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    They must be hoping that he can get fit enough to play as well, unlike our gambles in that sort of market.
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    January signings

    I agree, Lindsay is a relatively low cost back up player. Unlikely to play more than half a dozen games unless someone else in the defence gets a serious injury. Not good enough to be first choice but reasonable as back up. Some fans seem to expect us to be able to sign 25 first choice players...
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    Peter Ridsdale press conference.

    "The 17 points in 8 games gets bought up quite often too. Our best run of last season is probably our worst set of results in our recent history." I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion as that would be automatic promotion form over a season!
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    Peter Ridsdale press conference.

    What he actually said was more like "it's totally unfair, on a podcast like this, to pick an individual player out and confirm whether I think his contract is good bad or indifferent". I realise that you were paraphrasing but you've misrepresented the quote and then complained about something...
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    Peter Ridsdale press conference.

    He's referring to last seasons Bauer injury not this latest scare.
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    Tom Bayliss joins Wigan on Loan (Confirmed)

    I think we've established that there's a long history of dud signings and it not just the current recruitment system that's the problem!
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    Well Done Frankie.

    I'm not going to feel sorry for Bournmouth having players playing out of position, we've had to do it all season.
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    They were top of Div 1 at the time (or very close)
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    Frankie in yet another dig at the fans.

    I think he says too much, is too honest. The more he says the more he gets criticised.
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    Frankie in yet another dig at the fans.

    Prior to Trevor Hemmings unfortunate demise both he and Ridsdale were getting increasingly viscious attacks, both on here and in social media, regarding the clubs transfer policy. It seems to me that FM is just pointing out that it's a little unfair when they get stick for the bad signings but...
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    Frankie in yet another dig at the fans.

    Maybe you should listen to the interview again and hear what he actually said rather than what you thought he may have said. He accepts the criticsm for players that haven't been good signings.
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    Robbie Fowler......P N E.

    If the club is to be sold off soon then Frankie will not be replaced before that happens. Surely no new manager would want to come here if new owners were coming in and may want their own choice as manager. Although they may if they were well compensated I suppose!
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    Ginger Maldini

    I wouldn't move Sepp to CB if we need to showhorn someone else into RWB. Storey hasn't done much wrong. I doubt if Olosunde will come straight in, more likely be on the bench for a few games. In time VDB will move to RCB if Olosunde proves that he is better at RWB.
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    Match Day - PNE v Liverpool - 27/10/21 - KO:19:45 - League Cup 4th Round

    A 0-0 tonight then lose on penalties would be a fitting result to match the rest of the results this season. I'm not expecting that we will even manage that but, as ever, we live in hope.
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    Weekend Warm Up.

    Really well made production. Well done Crabbers. I actually prefer this to From the Finney and Butter Pie podcasts.
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    Beamback of Blackpoo game (Confirmed)

    Panic over, tickets arrived this morning!