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    Does anyone on here play?
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    Wahoo - Away Tickets on Sale for Mansfield

    Excellent news. From 9am tomorrow morning. First away game since what, Fulham last Feb?
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    When will we be on away games?

    I miss the away game experience much more than games at Deepdale........there'll at least be some fans at Deepdale from the start of the season unless it all goes tits up, but what's the likelihood of getting to away games? Can't say I've seen anything discussed in the media about this, but they...
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    MLB 2021

    Not long to go now before the season opener on 1 Apr. Thought I'd kick off the thread with some key news, which is that the A's will be fielding two teams in the MLB this, as traditional, in the AL West, but the other as a new team now playing in the AL East, though that team will...
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    PNE on Youtube

    Is there a suppository for PNE videos on the forum? I don't recall seeing one? Apologies if there is.
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    Ifollow Match Pass for Today's Game ST Holders

    I haven't received an email with the match pass for today's game? Has anyone else who selected ST Option 1 received theirs?
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    Buying a Gaming PC

    I'm looking at getting a gaming PC. Probably desktop but possibly laptop though I'm concerned about overheating a laptop even if it is designed for gaming. Basically I want it to do my normal day to day work, watch porn obviously, but also to play Train Simulator. I've crunched the system...
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    Moderator Approval for a Post????

    I've just posted and my posts are not up because they are awaiting moderator approval. What is this and why?
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    Climber Joe Brown Died

    I don't know if any of you have followed climbing but Joe Brown, one of the world's top climbers, has died aged 89. Part of the set that were very active in the 50s and 60s with Don Whillans, Chris Bonington et al. First ascent of Kanchenjunga and numerous classic British lines...
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    Stuff Made in Britain

    Looking for a new vacuum, Dyson can do one, I've just had a Sebo and it's only lasted 3 years. Now buying, on recommendation, a Henry! And it's still made in Britain! What stuff do you buy that's still made in Britain?
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    Video Editing/Youtube/Twitter

    Hello geeks, Could someone explain, in simple steps, the best way to get video content off an SD card and to get it uploaded to Youtube and to Twitter. I want to use my DSLR to get decent quality footage. What video editing software is best - free and easy to use? Thanking you ta.
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    Model Trains

    I've never seen a thread on here about model trains. Does anyone run one? I've just started and have achieved my first win by convincing Mrs F that we don't need a spare bedroom.
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    MLB 2020

    Ok we're a month from the start of the season but for those of you who missed it, the big talking point of the year is that the Astros are fucking cheating bastards. An interesting article today discusses the possilbility of opposing players, especially pitchers, taking it out on the Astros'...
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    Monday Trivia - What's the Match?

    Digging out some photos and came across this. Can you name the date, opposition, crowd and result?
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    MLB 2019

    Howdy y''s that time again.....don your caps and cheer the As all the way to the World Series :D
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    Pontins Mugs

    Not seen these before......nice. And some other PNE stuff at
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    Forest Away Sat 9th Dec - first Saturday since 2009

    It's a fact of life that if PNE are going to play Forest away it'll be on any bloody day but a Saturday. 19 December 2009 was the last time by my reckoning. Now, 25 years ago when I was but a poor, humble student, I could have given you the lowdown on every pub in Nottingham. We had a reunion...
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    Like your punches?

    Watch from 4.00
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    Away tickets if we get to the PL

    One thing that I am not looking forward to if we ever get promoted is the scramble to get away tickets - I can see it being an absolute can of worms. Suddenly, and understandably, there are going to be thousands of people who want to go to away games. Some of these will be ST holders who go to...