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    Grezza in PFA team of the year

    Well done Grezza No Nuge - Kamara and Chopra up front.
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    Nugent Article In the Mirror Today (Merged) Thought it was going to be another wheres Nugent going in the transfer window article but sounds like hes here till the summer. Good lad Nuge.
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    Heres how not to do business

    A lots been said about Degsy on here, a lot of the criticism unwarrented in my opinion. One of the big areas of contention has been his transfer policy - ie coming out and saying that no one will be leaving and then selling Claude. Well if ever you wondered just why he had to do that just take a...
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    Burnley Community Choir Tour Europe The lad in the white shirt is definitely a dingle. Enjoy. PS Mods feel free to move this - not sure where to post it!