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    Post your gigs.

    Agree Gaz, some brilliant tracks
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    Post your gigs.

    Although in fairness your Lordship, James did play 5 songs from their latest album. Cracking gig though, sounds like getting in late and missing the Happy Mondays was a blessing in disguise
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    White Ball Cricket 2021

    Agree with most of the things said so far, i watched the Womens game on BBC, amatuerish commentary, switched to Sky last night and that was just as bad. Graphics are poor, commentator says they are 59 for 4, graphic says 60, then Mahmood comes out to bat and the graphic said Topley was batting...
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    PNE-PNE-PNE… and other football tunes

    Alouette is a French Canadian song, thanks must go to Monsieur Snot for translating the lyrics into English
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    The Walking Dead Thread.

    Like quite a few on here, i have been disappointed with the last few series, but having watched all 10 seasons i wanted to make it to the end. However, i have just read that the Fox channel is being scrapped and the programme is being moved to Disney +. I think this will cost an extra £8 per...
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    Your Last Live Gig

    Sisters of Mercy - Manchester Albert Hall - March 2020 - Disappointing
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    Your Missed Live Gigs

    Echo & The Bunnymen Sparks Ozzy / Judas Priest Deep Purple
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    Your 1st ever Gig.

    Hawkwind 72/73 at the Guild Hall, absolute shite bar Silver Machine
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    Winning or Entertaining Football?

    Just wait for when we get delivery of a load of sand 😀
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    Winning or Entertaining Football?

    The point i am making is that the midfielders arer just lumping it in a general direction when they could offer more in terms of passing it to a white shirt and i think they are capable of doing so. They may not be defensive midfielders, but they are playing like it. I want a variation of play...
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    Winning or Entertaining Football?

    I don't think we are playing to players strength, i am sure Whiteman and Ledson have more to offer than aimless punts towards the corner flag, hoping that a defender will knock it out for a corner or throw in. Mc Avoy achieved safety by playing no risk football, 5 at the back and a couple of...
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    Room 101

    I think my hatred of it started when i saw his posts
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    Room 101

    Cellophane on Cds, My bad or you do the Math ( grrrrrrrrrrrrr ) Someone saying they will ring you back and don't
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    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Great first episode Parky, just noticed it is based on a book that the guy from Gomorrah wrote.
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    Favourite Chocolate Bar

    Anyone for an Aztec ?
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    Lampard Sacked

    I read somewhere that they had paid out 110 million in Compo to the managers they have sacked, unbelievable !
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    Kesselring aka andrew Woods.

    I remember Kess saying he was Snickys nemesis
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    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Agree Ando, superb series
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    Classic TV intros.

    Apparently Man U fans changed the words to : Kop twats You thieving bastards Kop twats You thieving bastards We all know you sign on the dole And you live in a fucking shit hole. Sorry Hodgey
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    Classic TV intros.

    Can't beat a bit of Batman