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  1. Drunks

    White Ball Cricket 2021

    Haha, Morgan his a six and I say to Mrs Drunks, "There will be a wicket next ball"..............sorry
  2. Drunks

    White Ball Cricket 2021

    Another day and another England batting shambles
  3. Drunks

    Funnies Thread - Feel Free to Add More

    Love this and nicking it :)
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    This week in tory run Britain

    Its this type of stuff that really riles me. More must be done to prevent this type of stuff going on and it needs to be highlighted more in mainstream media (they need to their job) but they wont for numerous reasons. We are well and truly fecked!!!
  5. Drunks

    Brad Potts

    Make no mistake, Potts has been generally poor for us since he has signed. I was expecting a lot better, especially as my Blackpoo friends spoke highly of him. Whether that is being mismanaged (I suspect a lot of it is) or his own application, I am not sure. Hopefully Lowe can get the best of...
  6. Drunks

    This week in tory run Britain

    It's not the corruptness that gets me, it's the blazon cheek of it. They actually think it is ok to spend 3 grand of tax payers money on a lunch and don't bat an eye about it. It is the utter contempt they have for the likes of the tax payer that really winds me up.
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    Lancashire Cricket Ground - Farington

    I live about 400 yards away from Blackpool Cricket ground, never an issue when Lancs play, and I usually try to go. Wish they were there more, however I think the last time they were it rained all day :-(. If I lived near the area I would be buzzing about this plan.
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    McAvoy sacked (Confirmed)

    Considering Ridsdale very publicly defended his man a couple of weeks ago only to pot him, surely this proves that he too is out of his depth. Hopefully Craig sees this as well and pots him too.
  9. Drunks

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    See 2571 :)
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    Fan engagement update

    Meanwhile a side at t'other end of the M55 are giving away free shirts to all Tear 2 children. what a great idea to try to get new fans...
  11. Drunks

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    I am in the middle of watching Dopestick on Star 8/10 Michael Keaton is the main star but its very good. It bounces around in timeframes which is a bit annoying but totally understand why its like that. If anyone thinks we should follow the American system for HealthCare, they need to watch this.
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    what else has he got? Are we forgetting his awesome long throws? Seriously though, Riis is a cracking player and I would love to see him in a Preston side that has some creativity in.
  13. Drunks

    Policing of Blackpool Game - Meeting with Lancs Police

    They acknowledged that mistakes had been made and the routing of home and away supporters together out onto Bloomfield Road was not the best solution. Wow, what a piece if genius. What boffin came up with this groundbreaker?
  14. Drunks

    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - 20/11/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Have to say, I am impressed with the stats from @Dreyfuss And I thought I was a bit of a geek (I mean that in a nice way) It does show how pathetic we are though. I hope you have emailed these stats to the Riddler, as he answers every email (don't you know), I would love to hear to...
  15. Drunks

    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - 20/11/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    This is the reason why Riddler must go as well. He got us in to this mess with his transfer policy. If Riis gets injured we are well and truely f****d as there are no other options. Saying that we are screwed next season if McAvoy stays, we are this season, the tactic is hope we win, not plan...
  16. Drunks

    Peter Ridsdale press conference.

    Right, so PR doesn't understand the fan's apathy. I will try to make this as easy to understand as possible, Fans want something to be excited about. 1) entertaining football 2) A manager (see what I did there) that has a plan B and actually tries to win a game, not hope to win one. 3) A...
  17. Drunks

    Lapsed Supporters

    I am a lapsed fan, but more from finance reason than anything else. Had a season ticket for a number of years and then bought a house, got married, have holidays, no kids though. It's difficult to justify spending the money when it's just me. Me & Mrs Drunks can have a nice Sunday lunch out for...
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    Just catching up on this thread but @Jack Daniels has given me a flash back with the Chris Woods comment. I never really rated him as a keeper until that day, awesome, there was one save right in front of me in the kop that was amazing and I think (could be wrong here as not checked the team) it...
  19. Drunks

    No wonder the rose is a white one…

    It's a shame Dobell has left Cricinfo, I have read many an article of his. However Cricinfo has gone downhill ever since it became ESPN Cricinfo
  20. Drunks

    Match Day - PNE v Liverpool - 27/10/21 - KO:19:45 - League Cup 4th Round

    I can accept getting beat by Liverpool's second side, like I did when a good Arsenal side beat us, or when Man Ure beat us by a dodgy pen IF we give it a go. That was usual stand off, even sky comms were saying push forward and nothing happened. Tactics are dire, there are some good players...