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  1. brucey

    Coronovirus Risk

    Does anyone think there's a risk to our fixtures for the rest of the season ? France has just banned all gatherings of over 5000 people.
  2. brucey

    ROCKPREST 2019

    Ok. How many are up for this on Saturday / Sunday ?
  3. brucey

    North end shirt on bbc news.

    Just seen a guy on tv in the US wearing last seasons shirt while watching the solar eclipse. Amazing.
  4. brucey

    Does anybody know if this website is unavailable in the evenings and at weekends ? From my experience it must be. Terrible service.:mad:
  5. brucey


    WOLVES BRADFORD STEVENAGE SWINDON BRENTFORD CREWE. Is anybody surprised about our performance against Rotherham. Just another team in the trend that developed in the second half of the season. Grayson got it wrong yet again.
  6. brucey

    Glasgow pub for tv tonight?

    Any pne fans in Glasgow ? Where are you watching ?:o
  7. brucey

    Crawley away - pubs

    Anyone know of any decent pubs in Crawley for pre match beers ?
  8. brucey

    Ambassador's lounge.

    Good idea or not ? Any thoughts ?
  9. brucey

    The garrison

    The Garrison was shut on bank holiday Monday ( May Day ). Does anyone know if this is permanent ?:question:
  10. brucey

    Coconut grove

    Just playing loads of eighties tracks and it got me to thinking about this place. I thought it was ok, videos and all that. Anybody remember? :)
  11. brucey

    Comic reief 2011

    Just watched the Alan Partridge set and I would glady give loads of money for the Hooked Handed Muslim Cleric?????? sketch. Top stuff. Wait for the backlash, as if we give a f**k.:youl:
  12. brucey

    24 hrs (spike lee )

    Viewing this right now. It's f*king so good. These are the films that should have got the plaudits/gongs. The" f*ck you " speech should be played prior to this weekends footy clash at Deepdale. I'm sure our East Lancs voters:) would appreciate this.
  13. brucey


    I think Colace from Barnsley would be a useful addition. Anyone agree ?::gentry:
  14. brucey

    Pne shop

    How much have ya spent in the club shop in the last year ?
  15. brucey

    Earliest opening newsagent in preston

    I need to buy weekend papers circa 05.30 on Saturday mornings. Does anybody know any Newsagents who open at that time?:question:
  16. brucey

    Jacky chan sings "wise men say"

    Rossy's show just right now. Send him a shirt F O C
  17. brucey

    Wellington Boots

    :confused:Why are all the Congolese rebels wearing Wellington boots?
  18. brucey

    Lowthorpe Rd Resis Ruin New Stand

    I think its a travesty that the semi detached residents of Lowthorpe rd have ruined the final part of Deepdale's redevelopment. I looked upon the roof line of our stadium from afar. It don't look right. Shame on the residents and the planners(PBC)
  19. brucey

    Who Cares About Pre Season Games?

    Couldn't give a toss me self. Roll on "real" football. What about anybody else?
  20. brucey

    Super Cav (tdf 2008 )

    What a glorious site to see Mark Cavendish win his 4th stage in this years tour. What an absolutely superb British sportsman. It totally puts into context the achievments of our guy compared to the persistent whinging of pro footballers (No names mentioned ). Just watch him and our other truly...