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  1. Garden Gnome

    Training and warm ups.

    Warm up v Birmingham was different. For years before matches we have had a trainer/coach laying off ball for forwards/midfield to strike towards the keeper with varying degrees of success. A few would be saved. A few would score many would miss and loads ended up in the AKTE. What good did that...
  2. Garden Gnome

    Enough is Enough

    Congratulations to all at PNE for following the EFL and joining with others in the Enough is Enough campaign. Personally I hope it has the desired effect of forcing Social Media Companies to do more to act against those who misuse the social media platforms for hateful purposes. Personally, I...
  3. Garden Gnome

    Late December back in 2019.

    Oh what a Month, late December in 2019. We been top and hope was high for the rest of the season. Automatic above the likes of Leeds was in our grasp. Then all went wrong. 2020 as a year was horrible in all ways, but things went wrong at PNE very dramatically. Players lost form or were played...
  4. Garden Gnome

    Cutting some slack

    Greyson's team was good, but not good enough for promotion. It was essentially that same team that over achieved somewhat last season and raised our expectations to unrealistic levels. Neil came in saying he was going to change the way we play. This transition needs time and with the changes of...
  5. Garden Gnome

    The State of Denmark.

    I'm puzzled. I have only been watching PNE since Nov 68 so I'm not as experienced or knowledgable as some. Yes I have read the threads about yesterday, Neil, Barks et al and I think I'm not the only one puzzled. Our once secure defence now leeks goals. What is Rudds average concession per game...
  6. Garden Gnome


    No DJ in the team or on the bench v QPR. One fan near me mentioned contract dispute and another mentioned Sheff Utd. I hope both are wrong. Thoughts? Rumours start from nothing sometimes.
  7. Garden Gnome

    Why are we called 'Nobbers'?

    This may seem like I'm being picky, or thick ( not unusual) I have been going on North End since 68 and think I have always been aware that 'come on you Nobbers' has been a chant/ saying applicable to North End and no other team, as far as I am aware of, so the nickname must be a derivative of...
  8. Garden Gnome

    Spa Break

    Before Ipswich scored on Sat I said to my friend that I thought our players were running around as if they were already tired. I note that A N said as much and that he had finished Friday training early as a result. If I were of any influence, and had the money, I would take the squad on a two...
  9. Garden Gnome

    Panto Season

    As the panto season is here I thought it would be fun to post a team made up of actors comedians, just for a laugh. Broadly Walsh in goal. Back line of Biggins, the chuckle brothers and Doddy Midfield of Paul O'Grady, Jason manford, John Bishop and Eddie Izzard. Forwards. Laural and Hardy. Nb...