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    RIP another Lilywhite

    Peter Harwood passed away last week, he taught at the Catholic College, was involved in scouting and coached the juniors at Longridge cricket club. Was a season ticket holder for many years until his death. Another member if the gentry gone. 💙⚽️🏏
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    Ex players

    Was expecting to see ex players today at the game as in previous years; they usually come on the pitch at half time.
  3. J

    Walking football

    PNE Senior Whites walking football for over 50 year olds is up and running at play football Preston. Coaching and support from PNE community team. Sessions run on Fridays 11-1 and Tuesdays 6.30-7.30. New members male or female welcome whatever fitness or ability.
  4. J

    Coventry's goal

    Had that goal come 10 minutes earlier I would have applauded a great strike BUT coming in fantasy time I feel robbed!
  5. J


    Jay bothroyd released today, worth a shout?
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    to win you have to defend as a team which means pressurising from the strikers, then the midfield and finally the defence and gk. if the ball continually comes in to the defence and mistakes are made goals are conceded. without hume and mellor there has been no pressure on the ball, no closing...
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    app for fixtures

    does anyone have a google calendar app that will import the fixtures so i do not have to type them in? lancs cricket club have one and it works a treat
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    shirt off booking

    why was iniesta not booked tonight for taking off his shirt - one rule for one!
  9. J

    dyson challenge

    please tell me this was a one off. next week shirt ironing, followed by pegging out washing and floor mopping.