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  1. BallyPNE

    Language on the Town End

    just interested to hear peoples opinions on swearing in the stand (specifically the town end in my case). I can get quite irate and throw out a few expletives when I watch north end and where I sit as a season ticket holder, there seem to be no problems. On Tuesday however, I ended up sitting in...
  2. BallyPNE

    Where can we realistically (Ernest, ignore that word) finish?

    After the late additions yesterday, I’ve seen on Twitter that some are now saying we should be expecting a top half finish otherwise the season is a failure. Personally I think that’s pushing it a little when a few weeks back we were nailed on to be relegated! So I ask, where do you think we...
  3. BallyPNE

    Writing under Username

    I’ve noticed certain posters have a little funny sentence under there username but mine is currently Forum Patron. Any ideas how I change it to something else?
  4. BallyPNE

    Fisher sold to Middlesbrough (Confirmed)

    Beat you JK! https://t.co/uwCPvsG0E3?amp=1
  5. BallyPNE

    Browne at RB

    Just been listening to the From the Finney podcast (I’d love to go on that if they ever want any random guests) and they all praised Browne at RB saying they wouldn’t change his position at the weekend. What do we think? Can he make a real go of it and make that position his own or does he lack...
  6. BallyPNE

    Can we seriously challenge for top 6?

    As the thread suggests. Championship is even more open than usual and that’s saying something!
  7. BallyPNE


    I'm bored at work and back again with a meaningless poll! Fisher is the topic this time ladies and gentlemen. I've seen after friday, he seems to divide opinion. Some rate him as one of the best in the league on his day, others say a complete liability. As you probably can see from my profile...
  8. BallyPNE

    Manager or players

    Saw a thread started discussing who you would point the majoirty of the blame at given the club situation around contracts/ squad and how terribly we are playing on the pitch. I know the obvious answer is all 3! Alot has been said about AN out but just curious to see the split between the 3...
  9. BallyPNE

    PNE 04-05

    Just been reading another thread on the forum and this group of players were being talked about. Very enjoyable reading so I thought i'd get some more opinions, how good were north end during this season? Sound's like most would've had us nailed on for promotion I would've only been aged 8/9...
  10. BallyPNE


    Anybody else currently on course to look like they are styling themselves off our combatitve and loveable rogue midfielder Ben Pearson at the moment? Or have you braved the DIY skinhead look?
  11. BallyPNE

    Team for Hull

    Rudd Fisher Bauer Davies Rafferty Pearson Gally Barky DJ Sinclair Nugent Hopefully fisher is fit. If not, Rafu on the right and hughes on the left.
  12. BallyPNE

    RIP little man

  13. BallyPNE


    Beckford spoke very highly of Pearo on Saturday saying he could play in a top 6 premier league side. Do we genuinely agree?
  14. BallyPNE


  15. BallyPNE

    January Window

    Are we going to buy anyone else during the transfer window? I love a good poll......
  16. BallyPNE


    With 19 league games to go, how many do we think we need to win to secure a play-off spot? Or a more appropriate question would be from the 57 available, how many do we need to take? Currently on 40 points, sitting in 10th.
  17. BallyPNE

    Quick question

    What do the terms under your username mean? Mine currently is “first team” and has changed a few times over the past couple of months
  18. BallyPNE

    Team v Reading

    Rudd Clarke Bauer Davies Hughes Pearson Gallagher Bodin Browne Maguire Nugent Not really much to change from Leeds. Don't feel we need Potts to start as the press wont be as important at home. Can see Nugent being left out, 2 games in 4 days might be too much for him? But if not, I'd have him...
  19. BallyPNE

    Alex Neil

    All if's but's and maybe's but let says we don't go up this season but we are close. Play-offs but lose in the semi's. Over the summer we get ripped apart on transfers, spine of the team all go (Davies, Pearson, maybe browne etc ). Would you expect Neil to want to stay? Or would he be looking...
  20. BallyPNE

    Ben Davies

    My god he was top class last night. I know it's nothing new but he bullied Bamford all game until he went off. How long has he actually got left on his contract? Sadly can't see him being with us much longer ?