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  1. Motion Man

    Retained List (Confirmed)

    JHW was a pupil of a teacher pal of mine and said he was really good hard working lad. Likewise therefore hope he gets a chance elsewhere.
  2. Motion Man

    Match Day - PNE v Middlesbrough - 07/05/22 KO:12:30pm - Championship

    Sounded as though decisions on who is staying or going have already been made so on that basis looks like Bambo is in. Would be pleased about that.
  3. Motion Man

    Gentry Day - Barnsley v PNE - 30/04/22 - KO:12:30 - Championship

    Potts seems to be developing into a decent right wing back. Thought he was one of the few bright spot against Rovers and again today, up and down, putting in decent crosses.
  4. Motion Man

    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    I’d suggest the budget is highly unlikely to be any more than it was before.
  5. Motion Man

    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Unless Lowe and co are alchemists, 'cash neutral' means about £ 6m less per annum to spend than we had when Trevor was at the helm and a likely scrap at the bottom end of the table.
  6. Motion Man

    Match Day - Fulham v PNE - 19/04/22 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Also just back and thought one of the reasons why we looked so poor is, credibly, we tried to play football against a much better footballing team. Also there is 1) the wing back formation without wing backs and 2) Evans didn’t right from the start and like most of this season think his foot...
  7. Motion Man

    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Think it’s a question of conserving their energy for a second half push. Recall Alan Browne saying something similar in terms of how they are told to start the game. That is something I like about Lowe; he has a clear game plan and knowing when to recover and when to push must be a part of it.
  8. Motion Man

    Out of contract players

    Bambo looked weak at Luton with the ball in the air, playing the middle centre back. However most teams don’t play like Luton and secondly for some games maybe he’d be better off at RCB with the more traditional style of Bauer or Lindsay in the centre. I think he’s worth another year.
  9. Motion Man

    Emil Riis signs new contract until 2025 (Confirmed)

    According to Sedds, felt his hamstring and having a scan tomorrow.
  10. Motion Man

    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    Yes agreed and looks like Ingol is being suggested as a convenient excuse by the prospective buyer. Probably he never really had the necessary in the first place or was over ambitious in thinking he could raise it from backers. I wouldn’t want to shout about it but it’s not going to be easy...
  11. Motion Man

    Official Statement. No Takeover at Present (Confirmed)

    Did CK actually have the cash…or was he trying to get backing ? That I reckon is likely to be reason this isn’t going anywhere as the Hemmings family will know there aren’t too many buyers around.
  12. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Just to boringly say on Non Disclosure Agreements, parties in delicate negotiations like this now seem to want to have them in place… but they are really difficult to enforce ie where did a leak come from and how can you value the damage, if any, it has done ?. Usually there is someone saying...
  13. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Looks like Gary Cook would be running the club assuming this all goes through. Interesting that his background is more in sports brand management and he was probably involved in the Golf Tournament sponsorship in the Middle East for CK's company. Can see he'd ideally probably like a 'name' as...
  14. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Probably a fair chance of that as nobody seems to know whether he’s got the cash to do this….and it’s not clear from the v limited financial info on his company that it has generated the necessary profits.
  15. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Not in the PNE section; on the front page and then pages 8 and 9. Doesn't really say any more though than we already know.
  16. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    The only info on this guy’s company I could find is that they recently raised about £ 45 m through a secondary bond issue and had to tap several large investors for that at no doubt some considerable cost. I’d be surprised if he’s got the necessary cash to buy and fund the club.
  17. Motion Man

    Worst managers of the last 20 years

    Spot on with the importance of Williamson and he was a big miss. Add to that to the long list of ‘if onlys’ to include just missing out on Kevin Keegan, Charlie Adam, and Alun Armstrong. Westley by the way is the correct answer, by a country mile.
  18. Motion Man

    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    I’d stay sceptical about this interest. Look at all the tyre kickers that supposedly were going to buy Newcastle over the years. Nobody seems to know really if this guy has a pot to pi&s in. I just hope that the family get the necessary background information and assurances on further funding...