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  1. Mahogany Rush

    What a brilliant forum.

    I've been a member of this forum for a while now & have followed it for years before that, nearly always on the PNE Discussions part, but over the last couple of weeks I've been looking through all the different categories of the forum. I just want to say that we should be proud of our forum...
  2. Mahogany Rush

    My Dying Wish

    My son asked me what my dying wish would be, I said it would be, for my ashes to be spread onto the Deepdale pitch, "It wouldn't be allowed" he said, I replied - " Leave half of my ashes at your house in the Urn, then take the other half to the to the match in a small empty coke bottle, run...
  3. Mahogany Rush

    Let's hope this happen.

    I am a reformed gambling addict, I haven't had a bet for over 10 years now. I lost my marriage through it ( although it turned out a good thing). Young children are now being brought up thinking that gambling is a way of life, with all the adverts on TV, whether it be the Itv horse racing, on...
  4. Mahogany Rush

    New member,

    Hello to all my brother's on this forum. I live in Norfolk but my dad (rip) was born in Preston & he moved down here when he met my mum during his national service in 1947, I live for North End & come to home games regularly, my brother lives in Leyland & this is very handy, we go on to Deepdale...