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  1. Karl Marx

    Has there been a more unwatchable season?

    Look at our finances (Swiss Rambler on Twitter, well worth following)
  2. Karl Marx

    Worst managers of the last 20 years

    Very interesting interviews with several of these managers in North End Souls 3 - well worth a read. Some of them come off better than you might expect.
  3. Karl Marx

    Blackpool vs PNE 16th September 1968

    Excellent stuff, Ernest. Brings back a lot of memories, I was a season ticket holder and went to every game with my dad.
  4. Karl Marx

    It was 50 years ago today ......

    Great memories. I hope to experience that kind of euphoria at least once more
  5. Karl Marx

    My dad told me today...

    1963 vs. Charlton
  6. Karl Marx

    1964 memories...

    This was my first season, saw every home game. My dad went to Villa Park. I remember crying behind the sofa at the end of the final.
  7. Karl Marx

    PNE Forever - Stories from the fans of Preston North End

    Talking about exiles.... Does anyone remember the mailing list from the 90s?
  8. Karl Marx

    PNE Forever - Stories from the fans of Preston North End

    The book is excellent. Real fans, great memories. Beautifully produced as well.
  9. Karl Marx

    Ex-PNE gear you now own

    Letter from Howard Kendall
  10. Karl Marx

    Wigan game on "TV" - Exiles

    DAZN is a new company in Germany that has the internet rights for most of the European leagues, including the Championship. They also carry the Premier League, the top divisions in Italy, France and Spain, as well as other sports. €9.99/month with one month's free trial. I think you'd have to...
  11. Karl Marx

    Match broadcast in Germany

    The channel Sportsdigital is showing the game: https://www.sportdigital.de/index/fansehen They are also streaming it for €1.99.
  12. Karl Marx

    PNE and Playoffs

    This is from a Guardian article - The Joy of Six: Football League play-off finals. Read it here. They're all bad, but which was the best? And the worst?
  13. Karl Marx

    PNE Quiz in The Guardian

    Q1. In the 1888-89 season, Preston won the FA Cup. How many goals did they concede in the tournament? The rest is here.
  14. Karl Marx

    Interesting article in the Independent

    Here it is: Brown battling to put some pride back into historic Preston
  15. Karl Marx

    Worst commentator

    Who do you think is the worst sports commentator? I can't stand Alan Green - a self-opinionated egomaniac.
  16. Karl Marx

    Most expensive PNE programme ever?

    For a mere £4,500.00 you too can own a 1922 Cup Final programme - PNE vs. Huddersfield. Official programme for the 1922 FA Cup Final between Preston North End and Huddersfield Town, played at Chelsea's home ground of Stamford Bridge. Town won 1-0 thanks to a penalty by Billy Smith. Covers sl...
  17. Karl Marx

    John Terry: £150,000 per week.

    The BBC says £150,000 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/c/chelsea/8230500.stm The Guardian says £170,000 http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/aug/31/john-terry-signs-new-chelsea-contract Times like this that I hate Premier League football.
  18. Karl Marx

    PNE-related article on major German website

    Arthur Wharton was the first black player in English football and he played for the North End. He dead penniless in 1930 at the age of 65. On the web site of the German magazine Der Spiegel is an interesting article about him, which also contains many references to PNE. Well, it's interesting...