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  1. Motion Man

    Sunderland’Till I die

    Watching this, which is very good, if a bit cringeworthy, makes you realise how fortunate we are to have a solid and cohesive management and ownership team. Peter Ridsdale knits it together well having some good football knowledge together with the business side, forming a good partnership with...
  2. Motion Man

    Liam Boyce - Burton Albion

    Watched him last night on the TV v Forest and looked decent, apart from a horrific penalty. Good target man with some clever touches. Maybe worth a go in January ?
  3. Motion Man

    Deepdale Pitch size

    Can we have our traditional pitch size back please !?. I could sort of understand the narrowing of it at the start of the season ( by about 4 meters I'd guess) as we didn't know if we were going to be over run. However now that we're not and when playing against the weaker teams at home, surely...