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  1. J

    New subforum - PNE Confirmed discussions

    Following feedback from some users we’ve implemented a new feature whereby any officially released stories by the club will now automatically be grouped into a specific subforum only containing officially confirmed stories. Users will still be able to comment and discuss as the threads are...
  2. J

    Sunday Times Rich List 2022

    Spot the difference.....not even an entry for the "Family" for example. Obviously still an ongoing process but leads into the questions of how the companies will be structured/owned going forward. Feels evident no single person will have ultimate control anymore which maybe is some of the...
  3. J

    Gentry Day - Barnsley v PNE - 30/04/22 - KO:12:30 - Championship

    Barnsley v Preston North End Saturday 30th April 2022 , Kick Off 12:30pm Championship Any links or requests for illegal streaming will be deleted.
  4. J

    PNE Online in support of the PNE Community Education Trust - PNE vs Blackpoo

    The upcoming game vs Blackpool gives us our first Home League Derby in over 12 years alongside being the special occasion that marks the Centenary anniversary of Sir Tom Finney being born. As a forum we always like to support causes surrounding the club and we figured this is another of those...
  5. J

    What the actual

    This is astounding, what on earth possessed him to talk in the third person so much
  6. J

    Tory MP David Amess stabbed to death at Constituency Surgery

    Southend MP David Amess stabbed "multiple times" at his constituency surgery
  7. J

    UK Energy Crisis

    Well crisis may not be quite there yet but we’ve had a fire on one of our cross channel links that limits its capacity into next year. Wholesale prices are through the roof. 2 companies went bust on the same day this week, 4 have lined up to go bust next week according to the BBC. Reading that...
  8. J

    RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

    For the stuff he churned out he was sometimes ridiculed but I imagine a fair few on here had their first proper hands on technology on some of his original products. Probably can blame him for the ZX81 and Spectrum 48k that I’ve ended up working in technology still after all these years after...
  9. J

    Reading (a)

    Seems like a lifetime since we got to watch us lose there again Tickets on sale today. At least it’s only £20 too. Not bad value for the disappointment
  10. J

    Election Boundary Changes

    Quite surprised just how much some of these are changing when you look round the maps. I.e. great Swathe of Fulwood joins the Preston Boundary whereas lots of areas like Garstang and Broughton switch completely from Wyre to Ribble Valley. South Ribble shrinks in size but also grabs previous...
  11. J

    Season Ticket Marketing Strategies

    Peter take note
  12. J

    Fan Engagement index 2019/20 released

    Not sure our position will be very surprising Full table at
  13. J

    Scottish League 2 Player retires over mental health taunts during match

    Only just seen this story but how absolutely appalling, You just have to despair at people that would even know the background and still think it's a valid thing to bring up...
  14. J

    Lee Collins - Yeovil Town Captain passes away

    No age at all
  15. J

    Football Index collapse

    Been reading a few of the stories about this. I remember some people in work talked about it in the past and would occasionally get weird texts asking whether Tom Bayliss was any good or if x or y player might be getting sold but never invested myself. Anyone been caught up in this and lost...
  16. J

    Annual accounts to June 2020 released

    Wage Bill up to £20.5m on turnover down to £12.5m Annual losses drop to £7m from £12m on basis of £7m being received for player disposals Hemmings put in £7.8m up from £6.6m the previous year another £3.8m still outstanding from other clubs for player sales...
  17. J

    St George’s Centre owner in administration

    See they’ve fallen into administration after owning for 5 years or so. Owning retail or office premises in this current climate feels a poison chalice. Used to be the safe haven and steady investment but online retail and a year of people working from home have blown the economics of it all I...
  18. J

    Superb Owl Sunday

    What’s everyone thinking? Home advantage and a steady old head who has done it before or Mahomes to take the throne? Given how nothing seems to be straightforward anymore in current times am actually struggling to call it. Head says the Chiefs but something is niggling that experience and the...
  19. J

    Internet forums vs the Hedge Funds - Gamestop

    Probably boring to most but a kind of fascinating insight into the power of the internet and human nature now. Kind of Covid economy related but not strictly In summary: A bricks and mortar Game Store equivalent in the US has seen it's shares plummet over the last few years as everything moved...
  20. J

    Top Iranian Nuclear scientist assassinated

    Given the way Trump is going out in a blaze of glory, would he, wouldn't he? Or who else do we think can be involved? "We were only there to look at the famous Minarets"