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  1. pisaac

    Beer Deliveries

    Bit parochial if you don't mind me saying so! Whalley Wine Shop will deliver, although I don't know the boundaries. My son, in Clayton-le Moors, is having 25 bottles delivered tomorrow for £60.
  2. pisaac

    Just Curious

    No matter what happens this season, is this period the best that we have been in the top six in the Championship? Did we do it under Moyes or BD?
  3. pisaac

    Clem and Faz

    I don't know if anyone can help with this but I thought I would give it a go! When I was at Chorley Grammar School in the late 50's and early 60's I was good friends with 'Clem' and 'Faz', two fellow PNE fanatics. I know one of them was from Bamber Bridge and I am pretty certain that Faz...
  4. pisaac


    What's wrong with him, because something is!
  5. pisaac

    A Simple Plea

    I would just like to make a simple plea to the non-attenders. I am now very advanced in years, saw Finney, Gordon Milne, Dawson, Peter Thompson, Kendall, Gemmill, Lawrenson and everyone since, the FA Youth Cup Final against Chelsea with 26,000 at North End. Spavin a Premier player if he...
  6. pisaac


    Just take flowers That's all
  7. pisaac


    This is possibly the second thread I have started in 8 years but feel a point has to be made. Blackpool (I assume Holloway) signed Baptiste from Mansfield after it was relegated from the Football League. What a career he has had there at Blackpool, part of a team that hammered the Hammers...
  8. pisaac

    Those Three Days of Rest

    To be frank, I was astounded at the criticism Irvine got from several posters when he gave the squad three days rest, a tirade of abuse saying he did not know what he was doing. This displayed an absolute lack of faith in our manager. Results since those three days? Played 7 Won 4 (2...
  9. pisaac

    Earthquake in Cumbria

    You will have heard that an earthquake occurred in Cumbria today. The epicentre was Ulverston. According to the reporter for the local paper it was caused by someone who drinks in the Kings Arms. Apparently this person, Shaking like a leaf, was sat at the bar, crying into his beer and...
  10. pisaac

    Redknapp - "One reservation is the price!"

    If you look at Portsmouth's website you see an article on Redknapp's view of Nugent
  11. pisaac

    Tax Man Looks at Bates Bid

    An article in the DailyTelegraph says that the tax authorities are challenging Bates' buy-back scheme, whereby he put Leeds into administration and offered to buy it back for 1p in the £ (creditors are owed £35m, including £7m tax). An Inland Revenue person apparently said that it is furious at...
  12. pisaac

    Nugent - Daily Telegraph Comments

    From the report of the game last night: 'Nugent had been comfortably England's most impressive performer, and it was his sharp thinking and deft touch that created such a wonderful opportunity (the penalty)'. 'Barring some encouraging moves when Huddlestone was sweeping the ball around, or...
  13. pisaac

    Blackpool ---- Just an idea

    When a Lasher posts a thread, he is obviously looking for a vitriolic response, some offensive reply, containing every threat, swear word and reference to his parentage that you could imagine. Why bother replying? Why rise to the bait, which is obviously what he wants? Maintain a dignified...
  14. pisaac

    Yeovil - a poor poor team

    I am posting this with 20 minutes gone in the second half and Blackpool coasting 2-0. Being from Chorley I have never had this 'Blackpool thing' which obsesses so many PNE fans. Blackpool thoroughly deserve to win but their fans would be very foolish to think that this is a sample of what they...
  15. pisaac

    Who bought one share?

    Come on, admit it, who bought one share for £1.39 today? When are you launching a takeover bid?
  16. pisaac

    FOPNE and FOPNE 2

    There are two companies registered at Companies House. FOPNE registered 14/11/2001 with a registered address in Towngate, Leyland, and FOPNE II registered 9/10/2006 with a registered address in Manchester. Anyone know why this is, and who belongs to which?
  17. pisaac

    Who bought the shares?

    With regards to FootballCrazyPrestonMad's post yesterday, are we any nearer knowing who bought or sold 110,000 shares?
  18. pisaac

    Mawene will make a difference - keep Ricketts

    I believe we would have been in the playoffs if Youl had been fit, and I think a back line of Alexander, St Ledger, Mawene and Hill will hold its own next season. I disagree with many about Ricketts. I think he is worth keeping, perhaps on a short contract with an option to increase it. He...
  19. pisaac

    The Argument Does Not Work!

    Although I am unsure about sacking Simpson now, or giving him 10 games into next season, the argument that we have to forgive him because of the mess he took over at the start of he season does not work. At Xmas we were vying for top spot, but the longer the season has gone,and the more it has...
  20. pisaac

    Something Wrong Behind The Scenes?

    I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere but I was very unhappy with Simpson's comments on Radio Lancashire after the game. In doing nothing at all for five minutes but criticise the players, their attitude, their ambition, lack of leadership on the field and so on, he never once said that...