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    The English Game and PNE

    Has anyone seen this new Julian Fellowes written drama series? It's on Netflix rather than terrestrial telly but worth checking out as it covers some of the same subject matter as The Invincibles book i.e the early history of professional football in the early 1880s. Episode 4 includes...
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    Preston Police in today's Times

    A section from Henry Winter's column this morning "Caring face of policing works well for Preston Preston police: How do you police two potentially high-risk games in a week at Deepdale, the visits of 5,641 Leeds United fans and 4,592 from Blackburn Rovers? Simple. You do it with humour...
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    The Keeper

    This "biopic" of Bert Trautmann is on at cinemas this week. We went last night and really enjoyed it. The football scenes are well done but it has themes way beyond football and is worth a watch even for non football fans. I can vaguely remember Trautmann from when I was a child but I certainly...
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    Invincibles I came across this this appears to be quite a recent article. Apologies if it's recycled but I hadn't seen it before. Interesting to see the comments about fixture congestion and...
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    Sacked in the morning?

    Particularly after Saturday,there is much fan and paper talk about de Matteo getting the sack. I seem to recall there have been quite a few sackings over recent seasons after that "final straw" defeat by little Preston. Can anyone remember the others?
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    `The Play Off Final again

    Did anyone else see the piece on Sky Sports News yesterday about the new/renewed sponsorship deal for the Football League? The rep from the sponsors was getting all misty eyed and excited about how good the FL is and cited PNE's feat in winning that final in May in support...cue Beckfords left...
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    Coaches- sold out?

    I bought tickets 47 and 48 on coach 71 at 9 this morning and the girl in the ticket office told me that this was the last coach they were going to be selling. Just thought i would pass that on. (Im guessing seats 47 and 48 on coach 71 are probably in the boot of a coach pressed into service...
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    Fantastic set of results today

    ......with Bristol,Swindon and MK ALL losing
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    Sir Tom looking over us today.......

    ......with Bristol,Swindon and MK ALL losing
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    players' contracts

    there is an interesting article here on players' contracts generally, given a PNE angle by the comments/quotations from Kevin Davies who appears to favour being paid on the basis of team success rather than just just goal scoring
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    5 live now

    just announced westley on 5 live in a few mins posted 20.50
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    Moor Park Ave today

    does anyone know if this is closed for parking again today ?
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    Ticket Office - grrrrrrr

    I have just made a 14 mile round trip to collect season tickets - only to find the place locked up! How a ticket office of a football club that expects to be taken seriously can be closed on a Saturday afternoon the week before the season starts and the day before a match is beyond me and the...
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    stand up for the week

    Did anyone see Jon Richardson's routine on this programme just now - about the Blackpool aeroplane flyover? Interesting that the butt of the humour was Blackpool's pathetic hatred rather than our "misfortune"
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    Sheffield Utd lose at QPR

    so a win tomorrow would see us move up another place to the heady heights of 22nd
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    swansea comments on the atmosphere

    it did seem a bit livlier than normal.....obviously noticed by the away fans as per the comments below "n all fairness their fans were superb for them. Except the young tools down to our left who seemed to enjoy making c**nts of themselves. The roar they let off at the final whistle made me...
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    "I Learned all I know at Prestion" ??

    Who would have thought when he was with us (how many years ago?)that Andy Carroll would have been "valued" at £35 million quid. My recollection was that barn doors would have felt safe but perhaps he did learn something here?
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    The wheels seem to have come off there over recent weeks ........ For ages a fixture against us has turned out to be an opportunity for teams to bring a halt to unwelcome bad/awful runs, sometimes of record proportions (remember Sunderland??)...... Can we, for once, make things worse for them...
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    Barcelona copying PNE

    ....... chucking away 2 goal leads