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  1. Pumba

    Quote Function

    Anyone else having problems with the quote function? It just seems to have suddenly become very glitchy. Takes a lot of tapping on the screen before I can start typing my reply in the right place. Also not letting me highlight stuff in bold or italics anymore.
  2. Pumba

    Last 15 minutes…

    We seem to be scoring a disproportionate amount of goals in the last 15 minutes under Lowe than we have under previous managers of recent times. Realise he’s only been here 3 months so is a relatively small sample size but does seem to be a recurring theme since he came in. Any theories? As...
  3. Pumba

    Ben Whiteman

    Someone tell me exactly why we spent £1.5m on this guy please.
  4. Pumba

    La Liga title race

    Anyone keeping tabs on this? Only just taken notice myself. Sevilla are on course to beat Real at the Bernabeu tonight and stay in a four horse race with only three games left to play (although they’d be unlikely winners being four points behind)! Atletico secured a crucial draw at Barca...
  5. Pumba

    Carlo Nash

    The real story apparently
  6. Pumba

    Moyes at Preston- EFL 5000

    This may already have been posted on here around the time we played our 5000th league game against Derby last season but, in case it wasn't, here it is. A really good interview with Moyes that gives insight into his time as both player and manager at North End: Can't help feeling more than a...
  7. Pumba

    Best recipes

    As the title says, what are some of the best recipes you use for cooking, either self-originated or ones you’ve stumbled across? I’m talking about the meals you make yourself at least once a month because you can’t get enough of them. I’m a veggie and I have quite a few recipes on rotation (I...
  8. Pumba

    Chris Holland

    Decent article about a lad who came through our youth system before transferring to Newcastle in early 90s:
  9. Pumba

    Problems at Home

    What do we do to translate our impressive away performances into home wins at Deepdale? Could the emergence of Riis as a bit of a colossus reinvigorate our home performances? Do we need a complete tactical re-think based on how most teams seem to set-up at Deepdale? Don’t call me a lunatic...
  10. Pumba

    PNE vs Cardiff on Sky

    Boring thread but tomorrow marks our third consecutive game against Cardiff that will have been broadcast live on Sky. Other two were that chastening defeat at Deepdale that all but ended our play-off hopes a few games after the restart and a fairly drab 0-0 at Cardiff last December. Is three...
  11. Pumba

    Anyone remember these? And know what they’re up to now?

    Started a new game with PNE on the ancient footy management game CM 01/02. Recognise nearly everyone in the squad except a few youth players. Anyone remember the following/know what happened to them after leaving PNE?: John Bailey Tony Hallam Joe O’Neil Ricky Mercer Mark Wright Adam Eaton...
  12. Pumba

    Retro shirts

    Anyone know a good place for purchasing an old North End shirt with either the Garratts or Coloroll sponsors for a decent price? There’s one available on eBay at the moment but it’s a whopping £84.99. Maybe that’s the going rate for ancient kits, I don’t know, but it’s way above my budget.
  13. Pumba

    Johnny Foreigner

    Just a bit of mindless trivia, who was the last player we had on our books before FBG who wasn’t eligible for one of the international teams of the British Isles? Seems to me our squad has had a thoroughly British and Irish flavour in recent years. I genuinely can’t remember.
  14. Pumba

    The Gay Footballer

    So this account popped up on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and seems a Championship footballer will publicly come out on Wednesday. Jim White at Talksport supposedly been in talks with him and will hold the player’s first interview following the revelation at 10am. Brave move if the whole thing...
  15. Pumba

    The season ahead

    Possibly premature but let’s say we sign Hunter, Walton and another striker to strengthen the 1st XI, what do you the next 8 months has in store for us? I have to say I’m somewhat pessimistic and think it will be another drab mid-table finish. I don’t think we’ll sufficiently improve the first...
  16. Pumba

    Obscure PNE connections

    Found out today Danny Dichio's brother is a pool attendant at my local gym. Any others...?
  17. Pumba


    This form temporary or permanent? Even his detractors surely can’t deny how good that reflex save at his near post at the end was. Shot stopping’s never rarely been questionable though (save Brum howler).
  18. Pumba

    Alternative league table?

    Anyone got a way of creating a league table that only takes into account results from when our terrible start came to an end, the 4-3 win at home to Brentford on 24th October? Could be interesting viewing.
  19. Pumba


    Seems like he's getting praise on a weekly basis at the moment which is great to hear considering his mixed start. Has he noticeably improved areas of his game or is he just a bit more confident now?
  20. Pumba

    Current transfer policy: really that much different?

    I see a lot of grumbling on here about our current transfer policy so thought it might be interesting to compare how we recruit now, or intend to, with how we used to back in our Championship heyday. I’’ve chosen the teams that reached the playoff final in 2005 and semis in 2006 for reference...