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    Does this feel like .... ???

    Does this feel like our worst EVER season in our long history ?? Yes, I know it sounds over the top, but can anybody really say that finishing in the bottom 4 in the 3rd division in 1984/85 or finishing 91st out of 92 in the old 4th division in 1985/86, feels worse than this season ?? Going back...
  2. K

    New Fixtures Prediction's

    I've got a bit of time to kill & was just wondering if anybody would like to predict our first match of the season, our Boxing Day match, our last match & our final league position ?? Mine are : First match away to Sheffield Wednesday, Boxing Day Home to Derby, last match Home to Rotherham &...
  3. K

    The last ten ...

    ,.. Played 36 Points 56 Goal Difference +7 March 7: Queens Park Rangers (h) 14: Luton Town (a) 17: Cardiff City (h) 21: Derby County (h) April 4: Huddersfield Town (a) 10: Sheffield Wednesday (a) 13: Nottingham Forest (h) 18: Brentford (a) 25: Birmingham City (h) May 2: Bristol City...
  4. K

    Pre Season Lancashire/Lancs Manx Cup

    Do any of our great fan's remember the Lancs/Manx pre season tournament ?? For our younger supporter's, it was a 2 group's of 4 team competition that started about a fortnight before the new league season began. With Preston, there was Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley (we always seemed to dismantle...
  5. K

    The Original Invincible's .. Preston North End 1888/89

    This is a good read :)