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  1. WeAreTheGentry

    CONFIRMED White Hot Deepdale 2022/23🔥

    I’ve got one of the large blue flags with ‘we’re the one and only north end’ on. Completely innocent mistake as I’m not on social media anymore (didn’t like the keyboard warriors calling people cunts behind their screens) and I only tend to read the transfer rumour thread when I come on here...
  2. WeAreTheGentry

    Transfer Window Overview - January 2021

    I agree with that and I am not suggesting we play a little and large up front, just saying he would be more effective in that system. As other have said, he just isn't good enough for this level.
  3. WeAreTheGentry

    Transfer Window Overview - January 2021

    I don't think his hold up play is good enough for him to play upfront on his own. He will win the odd header but as he will more than likely be playing up front by himself, he doesn't have anyone to flick it on to. He would be much more effective if we played with 2 upfront and someone feeding...