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    McCann LWB

    Thought McCann was really excellent from the moment he came on. He changed the game. We suddently upped the tempo across the whole team. Suddenly we looked positive and dangerous. McCann didnt look out if place at LWB even though hes hardly played in that position. I know that his first game in...
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    Are Johnson and Welsh our best midfield partnership since…

    …Well since Gregan and Rankine? Johnson and Welsh were really excellent yesterday ( and recently) and seem to form a perfect combination. They appear to be reason why we are good defensively (breaking up opposition play and protecting our back 4) and the why our attacking play has improved ...
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    Pitch Size Variation

    We all remember Westley's comments about pitch size last season; and I see Dino Maamria is making the same comments today. It's easy to dismiss this- but maybe there is some logic in their comments. Stevenage's pitch size is only 92% of ours. There is good piece by Pat Nevin on the BBC web site...
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    Omerod Fractured cheekbone

    Simpson says that Brett will be out for 3 months with a fractured cheekbone. currently at the hospital and will need surgery
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    Strong Stuff from Simmo

    Take a read of this official site post:,,10362~900903,00.html He backs up Billy Barrs comments about the reserve team performance and says players are fighting against him and they will be shown the door.