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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    All valid points but... Are you happy with the possibility of PNE being an Americans plaything? In order for there to be prestige etc there has to be a perception of value. Most Americans won't understand what Preston means to football history. I was once in a village in Vermont called...
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    It's like Thracia said, he's been outbid at Derby so if he wants a football team he either ups his Derby bid or looks elsewhere. But if you were a Derby fan you couldn't or wouldn't look elsewhere it would have to be Derby and ONLY Derby. Hence why I think he's not here for the football, as...
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    This post highlights both sides of the equation. If he's just a massive football fan, why choose Preston instead of say Wrexham? Because of the financial upside of Preston, or Derby or Huddersfield making it to the Premiership. This is purely a business decision. Currently he has 'No skin in...
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    Fair point, I wasn't aware of other interest, maybe Derby are just out of his price range?
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    Chris Kirchner - Rumour - Possible Takeover

    If I really wanted to buy Derby County, I'd be publicly looking at alternative clubs too. It will keep the administrators guessing, and show them they are not the only show in town so keeping the asking price down. IMHO this is just a negotiating stance with no real interest. But I'd be very...
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    Izzy Brown - Respect.

    Well played Izzy Brown…. Class
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    Transfer Window Overview - January 2021

    Not sure if this has been posted, and it's probably not saying too much that we don't already know
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    The Belokon vs Oyston Court Case

    And so it continues
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    The New regime..

    Hi everyone, GW is famous for his extended training sessions and attention to detail. Obviously we all hope this will benefit PNE as a whole in terms of results and performance. I wondered who you all felt might not fit in individually or who you think might prosper under the new management?
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    Nugent Replacement,,10434~1026995,00.html? Rumours from within Chelteham Town that the un-named club is PNE.