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  1. Me

    The Premier league so far this season.

    13 - can't type fast enough!!!
  2. Me

    Womens Euros

    When watching the women's game I never even think about how it compares to the men's game - would be a bit like watching North End and thinking "we're not as good as Man City are we" when we're playing another Championship team.
  3. Me

    Old chant

    Though I agree Walsall away in '76 was good - Alex Bruce winner in the last minute after they'd been all over us for 89 minutes if I remember correctly. Roy Tunks had a blinder.
  4. Me

    Old chant

    I'm probably in the minority of a certain age, but I hated it. Always regarded it as a Rugby Union song.
  5. Me

    Womens Euros

    It's an irrelevant question, bit like asking how PNE would do in the Scottish League or La Liga or Bundesleaga - we can only compare ourselves against other Championship teams until we either go up or down. Same with the women's game - they can only be compared against other women's teams.
  6. Me

    Your Top 10 films.

    Brighton Rock Bride of Frankenstein Airplane Life of Brian An American Werewolf in London 10 Rillington Place Blue Velvet The Usual Suspects The Rutles Candy Man
  7. Me

    League one Play Offs.

    Yeah, well done Wycombe. Doesn't matter how you beat MK Dons as long as you do!!!
  8. Me

    The Premier league so far this season.

    Rovers after the sack Chuckle Brother in the summer?
  9. Me

    Meet the Manager @ Deepdale, 6:30 Monday.

    Do you wish you'd stayed at Plymouth?
  10. Me

    Deepdale 1979

    I think Steve Doyle, Mick Robinson and two from Alex Bruce were the scorers after we'd gone one down early on.
  11. Me

    Hero @ h.t. interview V Lasher's.

    Micky Conroy would be good, but last I heard he was living in Australia - so David Eyres.
  12. Me

    Promotion and Relegation

    Anyone who started supporting us in the 2nd tier will have the same number of relegations and promotions. The way to be up in this is to have started supporting us in the old 4th Division.
  13. Me

    Walkout Music

    Eat the Rich - Motorhead.
  14. Me

    FA Cup 21/22

    Congratulations - I hope you're very happy together!!!
  15. Me

    Former PNE Players Thread

    Ben Pearson starts for Bournemouth in the FA Cup against Boreham Wood.
  16. Me

    Blackpool vs PNE 16th September 1968

    I think Graham Hawkins played at centre forward in a FA Cup replay at Derby (late 60s I think). We got beat 4-1 if memory serves.
  17. Me

    The FA Cup - triumphs and disasters

    Remember the gold coloured programmes they used to produce for FA Cup ties in that era.
  18. Me

    The FA Cup - triumphs and disasters

    Scarborough in the snow in the mid 70s - think we were 2 up and went on to lose 3-2. I'm not sure, but I think it was the first time we'd lost to a non-league team.
  19. Me

    The atmosphere at Deepdale

    Though yesterday was a bit better with the return of the beluga and 50 grand chants after the goals.
  20. Me

    The atmosphere at Deepdale

    It might help if the songs were getting behind the team rather than banging on about Blackpool (the only good thing about losing to them was it ended that "get battered" shite) or how the opposition support if f-in shit (they've turned up so they're OK by me). At least the "small town in ****...