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    Anyone know what Browne's middle name is ?

    I'm sure we've also had a Blake at 7 and a player called 'Funboy' at 3. We've also currently got Dave Clarke 5. Or am I just imagining it?
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    Which of our players are potentially premier league quality?

    And, of course, he already is in fact officially a 'premier league' player.
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    Our commercial dept are useless!

    That's a pity, They could still have phoned him back to let him know that rather than you have to tell him, Chorley.
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    I know a lad who was on 10k a week at 16 a few years ago in the Premier league so this doesn't surprise me.
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    Louis Moult - Community Work at Foxtons

    Well done Louis, always nice to see a player putting something back into the community. Keep up the good work young man. Great stuff.
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    New pub for Preston?

    Thanks for the update Andy, I'll try the Penwortham one next week as I live just up the road.
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    Classy Birmingham fans.

    Errr, aye, that would have been hilarious seeing another player attacked on the pitch. I'm still laughing my head off at the Grealish incident. Ooooohhh, nurse, soothe my sides.
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    Classy Birmingham fans.

    I think I saw that. It was full of blokes running around with woolly bob hats on shouting 'Miss Dianne!' every two minutes. They didn't look the sharpest tools in the box.
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    Classy Birmingham fans.

    They all need to just get over it, go home, have a loooy down and a cuppa taaay.
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    Which should Pearson miss ?

    Whitey - not having a pop here, but this is a football opinions forum. Is there any chance you can refrain from telling just about everyone with an opinion different to your own that they 'have no clue about football' or are 'talking shit'? These posters will no doubt think the same about your...
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    Which should Pearson miss ?

    Pearson's booking was down to him, not the Ref, not his opponent and not Daniel Johnson. If he went into a 50/50 or 'hospital ball' as we call it, then by nature it is obviously exactly the same for his opponent - so how come HE doesn't commit of foul when he goes in for it? We are coming on...
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    Four for Forty

    The other point to consider is, the club do already offer cheap ticket incentives several times a season (pre-season friendlies and cup games) but does this really get occasional fans flooding through the gates and coming back again? Not really.
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    Four for Forty

    Just offer low ticket prices (say, a tenner) for the next one game. It might boost the crowd for that match, and if we play well with a good atmosphere, could tempt occasional fans who take up the offer back again for the remaining three games. I don't see why occasional fans should get four...
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    Wolves v Man Utd

    Not having a pop, but what's this obsession with bringing Ben Pearson into just about every card seen on TV, or every one received by our opponents in matches?
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    Prediction League - Reading v PNE - 30/03/19 - Championship

    Reading 0-2 PNE Johnson 13780
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Birmingham City - 16/03/2019 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Get in and Get in again, woooooo-wooooo, (dances around living room doing pathetic 'dad dance' in front of family)
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Birmingham City - 16/03/2019 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    So now we're blaming the player who passed to Pearson for Pearson's yellow card? Jesus Christ, come on fellas, this is getting beyond a joke.
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Birmingham City - 16/03/2019 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Have Bummingham really sold 5500 tickets?
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    I'd think I'd better start keeping my trap shut in matches and tackling more cleanly, then, Hey Presto, my reputation improves, there isn't a problem about picking cards up anymore, and what happens to other players becomes none of his or our concern.