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  1. Ando60

    Clappers at home games

    I think flags and balloons look great, but at the end of the day, the fans need to be up for it and get vocal if they are to make a difference to the atmosphere !!
  2. Ando60

    MLB 2019

    Fantastic... thanks for your help Sid... much appreciated !
  3. Ando60

    Scum Blackpool

    Shame Sats, I always found you to be the best visiting fan to come on the forum...... I am very much like you - I was a regular attender at Deepdale for 44 years but then 6 years ago I found better things to do on a Saturday ... I still love Preston and Hate Blackpool , but I just don't really...
  4. Ando60

    MLB 2019

    Thanks for that Sid. September 17th would work against the San Francisco Giants.. Is it pay on the door ??
  5. Ando60

    Darren moore and racist motive

    White and Male Nobber......
  6. Ando60

    Darren moore and racist motive

    Me too, I thought that he did an excellent job in the first half of the season but their form has slumped recently. 4th place isn't good enough for a club like WBA so he had to go... I certainly never saw it as racist at all though.
  7. Ando60

    Radio 5 Live (Alex Neil)

    Oh , you are a cynic Hodgey. Stay upbeat like I always do.... ;)
  8. Ando60

    MLB 2019

    That sounds like I might squeeze one in... I am in Boston from Sept 14-18 Cheers Essex..
  9. Ando60

    Alex Neil sums it up...

    Every team has them JD
  10. Ando60

    MLB 2019

    When does the season go on until ? I am going to Boston in mid September and I would love to take in a game at Fenway Park.... I have been past it about a dozen times ( when I have been in the USA on business ) but this time it is for pleasure..
  11. Ando60

    New pub for Preston?

    Yep, I enjoyed it in the Northern Way when we went in their for our office Christmas bash..
  12. Ando60


    Well, you are a postie....
  13. Ando60

    Classy Birmingham fans.

    They have always been the same Ferret.... I remember them smashing up the Garrison about 20 years ago...... horrible fans !
  14. Ando60

    Reading Away

    I have never been to the new Reading ground ( i went to the old Elm Park ground a couple of times ) I know that people on here have posted in the past that it is not a fan friendly ground in terms of pubs - is this correct ??
  15. Ando60

    So, what IF we make it to the Prem?

    It would be great if we could get into the Prem and do a Bournemouth.....
  16. Ando60

    Four for Forty

    That made me chuckle....
  17. Ando60

    Four for Forty

    I'm saving up for Wembley Raef....
  18. Ando60

    Utrecht shooting: One feared dead as gunman opens fire in tram

    It's now reporting 3 dead...
  19. Ando60

    New Zealand shootings

    I don't think we will stop it Edgy... face facts the world is full of extremists .. As long as people continue to live there will be conflict - sad, but true.