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  1. Tino

    So Ryan Lowe is at Sheff Wed v Bristol Rovers

    Chance to get his face on tv…
  2. Tino

    Bobby Madley

    He’s back as a prem ref this weekend.
  3. Tino

    Rate the movie you've last seen

    Nobody - 8/10 The Gray Man - 7/10
  4. Tino

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    The Bear - Disney+. 8/10 episode 7 was one of the finest I’ve seen anywhere for a long time, albeit only 20 minutes long. welcome to wrexham - Disney+. 7.5/10. A couple of pointless episodes I thought but overall a good watch especially when you know they’re not going up and they’re all giving...
  5. Tino

    Police Commander of the game against BurnleyFC

    A key point here is telling people in advance and that they rarely bother. They did at least say that Lowthorpe Road would be blocked. However they had so many officers blocking the road by the park that there were none in the key areas where the different sets of fans started to mix namely the...
  6. Tino

    Shuttle Bus Service

    Does feel like that, maybe this way it keeps it in the news more and in peoples minds.
  7. Tino

    Russell Watson a PNE fan

    By all stands
  8. Tino

    Russell Watson a PNE fan

    They did. I remember it was pre match and when he started people were flooding out of the concourse to watch. I’m sure they were singing “who the f’ing hell are you?” at the start but as you say he got a great ovation at the end.
  9. Tino

    Team v Blades

    This is a good point. We’ve been unlucky this season. This will be the second time we’ve had Simpson already, we‘ve also had Langford, Bond (headband) and James Bell. Banks the other night was probably the best so far.
  10. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    Presumably because Neil loved him and played him every week and made him captain.
  11. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    DJ was involved in 23% of our goals last season. Hardly distant past glories. He’s just off form at the moment. I‘d have moved Browne on before his last contract extension. But I think his hip problems meant there were few or no takers. Quite damning for someone with that many appearances at...
  12. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    But last season when we had Riis and Archer we scored 16 in 18 games (21 in 22 games from January onwards) before the flurry in the last 2 matches. And from 22nd Jan to 15th April only Riis, Archer and DJ scored. The managers attacking free flowing brand is all in his head, but he’s said it...
  13. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    Aye. We were unlucky not to beat Hull and Rotherham, and probably should have beat Wigan, but the last of those 3 games was a month ago and we’ve played 5 games since when we’ve probably got close to what we deserved, and could easily have lost vs Cardiff, Watford and Burnley.
  14. Tino

    Wee knocks and suspensions 22/23

    Back for Sunderland he said t’other week. So still plenty of time for a ”small set back” then
  15. Tino

    Team v Blades

    No idea we don’t have anyone in top 50 for dribbles. But he’s more of a get a yard and deliver type isn’t he?
  16. Tino

    M6/M61 now

    The closure has been cancelled for this weekend so the road is open as normal. Please do your own check though :)
  17. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    Thing is he has dropped back a couple of times to leave us with 1 up front, last night being one of them and he's barely got on the ball. I'm not sure I see him as a 10 either, but do wonder if he's suffering confidence wise from those early misses
  18. Tino

    Team v Blades

    Aye, don't think that's Brady though. He is top of chances created so arguably not his fault others haven't finished them off.
  19. Tino

    Team v Blades

    The point is he's top of a lot of the key stats that the club and manager will be looking at, and takes set pieces so it's obviously not that simple to just drop him for Alvaro. Especially when other's aren't doing it in midfield.
  20. Tino

    Attacking Brand

    2 assists for Robinson last night btw