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  1. Mooney

    CONFIRMED PNE Supporters Meeting Minutes - 16/11/22 (Response to open letter).

    One quick question from me… Given that nearly half of the season has elapsed, despite being awful most of the time we are close to play off places. If the miracle happens and somehow we go up, will all the people saying they’ve had enough and aren’t renewing next season change their minds?
  2. Mooney

    January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    It really wouldn’t! At the time, Elding could not get in the team that he played for, who were non league. He wasn’t the only one. Luke Foster was out of favour at Southport I recall and (shudder) Aaron Brown was clubless after being released by Aldershit. A league two signing, yes, but not in...
  3. Mooney


    Couple of things I don’t understand, and maybe it’s me… Queues for overpriced and crap beer and food five minutes before half time is just bleak. We’d come back from 2-0 down to 2-2 and the game was exciting. Why would you pay for the game and then not watch a crucial phase? Don’t get it… The...
  4. Mooney

    Alan Browne 350th appearance

    And we got immediate relegation
  5. Mooney

    Alan Browne 350th appearance

    Thing is, Alan Browne has been here under Grayson, Neil, McAvoy and Lowe and they all put him in the team more often than not… but reading the pages on here and (even more so on Twitter), @BigBobBrig69 thinks he’s shite. Wonder who knows more? Successive managers of the football club, with...
  6. Mooney

    Lee Erwin

  7. Mooney

    A song that currently best describes Preston North End.

    Lala it’s the Good Life - Audiobooks Oh Shit - Buzzcocks Hogwash and Balderdash - Black Midi Waiting Room - Fugazi You made an art form from falling to pieces- Cabbage Shit from all angles - Chris TT Hear no Bullshit- Credit to the Nation I’m a Realist - The Cribs Shame on You - Darling Buds...
  8. Mooney

    Lee Erwin

    😂 Not being funny but we’d be better signing Denis’ dad than this fella! Jeez!
  9. Mooney

    Lee Erwin

    Be better off signing Steve Irwin.
  10. Mooney

    Season Ticket Renewals

    It’s part of my life. I’ll renew, I always do. In fact, my lad and I have already discussed this as part of his research into which Unis to apply to. York is number 1 choice as he can get a direct train to Preston from there. No question of giving his ticket up while he’s away!
  11. Mooney

    This week in tory run Britain

    I saw a quote attributed to a Tory MP yesterday saying they were screwed as their choices were ‘A shit sandwich or a shit sandwich with extra shit’ 😂
  12. Mooney

    Sea of blue & white starting Saturday.

    West Brom game seemed sparse. Wonder if… midweek game means less youngsters? Without wishing to sound rude I would think the appeal of waving a flag would be more for the younger end of the demographic. My lad is 17 and he looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked if he wanted a flag to...
  13. Mooney

    Striker crisis

    Totally agree. I did my ACL on a knee slide.
  14. Mooney

    New Contracts for those OoC in 2023 (imo)

    JD - I largely agree with your list. Ledson I would absolutely keep - maybe a 2+1 f we're splitting hairs, I know people say he doesn't play enough to warrant a new deal, but would we be able to bring in anyone better if he left? I doubt it. DJ... to me it depends who is manager. I'm a massive...
  15. Mooney

    'Almost the perfect away performance'

    Funny that they didn't show it...
  16. Mooney

    'Almost the perfect away performance'

    Whiteman went surging into the box and tried to squeeze between two defenders. Did he fall or was it a sandwich? Difficult to tell from about 8 miles high.
  17. Mooney

    'Almost the perfect away performance'

    Apologies - I watched an interview where he said what I wrote and instantly thought it was different to what had been written. I'm obviously wrong.
  18. Mooney

    'Almost the perfect away performance'

    Has anyone over the course of the past ten pages pointed out that the quote from Ryan saying it was 'nearly' a perfect performance was a slight misquote from the LEP? Upon listening, what he actually said was 'I wish it had been the perfect away performance and we'd one 1-0, but we didn't' (or...
  19. Mooney


    I like Maguire and think that, while his shortcomings are frighteningly apparent, and we know he isn't the player he was, I still think he gets a tough press in many ways. I'll explain... We're short of goals - Maguire doesn't score - obvious answer? He's not the solution as he's not a goal...
  20. Mooney

    'Almost the perfect away performance'

    I was at the game today, and when Lowe brought on Woodburn it made sense as the energy levels in the midfield were dipping. It was an attacking move as he came on for Ledson and consequently we had less of the ball when he came on. I’m a huge DJ fan, and not one of those who call him lazy, shit...