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    Form Table (with 20 games to go)

    Found these form stats on a Brighton forum. Our form this season has seen us average 1.5 pts per game across the 26 games. (If we ignore our first six games it works out at 1.8 pts per game across the last 20 games) If we are to aim for the playoffs we should probably aim for 80 pts... so we...
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    Forest Takeover

    The problem with overspending in the Championship is highlighted perfectly by Nottingham Forest. They really look up shit creek right now. The US takeover is off.
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    Retained List

    Read this on a swindon sport website.... "Meanwhile, Lee Power confirmed that Swindon will not be releasing details of their retained list until after the play-off final. Clubs have until this Saturday to inform the Football League which players are set to be offered new deals and Town are...
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    Sleeping Giants: PNE ranked 4th

    North End have finished 4th out of the 72 Football League clubs ranked by past performance and crowd attendance by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit. Each Football League side has been ranked on their average attendance this season, the number of seasons spent in the top flight, seasons since they...
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    One Step At A Time - LEP Article

    Andy Little back fit. Robinson back in 10 days. Worryingly no mention of Beckford at all.
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    Seven Day Forecast

    Before we play Man Utd on the 16th feb all the top three in League One are playing three league games within a seven day period. This week could help reshape our season especially as the top two play each other this weekend. We need a win vs Coventry! 6 pts with a game gained in hand would be...
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    First half Kingly, Second half King

    First half today was realy good. Entertaining, some good passing and we looked bright and creative. We also closed down well (more so than usual) with both Kilkenny and Welsh limiting Sheffield Utd to hopeful strikes that sailed wide. Second half again we started well. Right up until Grayson...
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    Four Step Plan

    1) Either we get a pair of hands for Jones for Christmas or we sign someone pronto. He never impresses me. Like a poor mans Lucas. And again today he watches a corner come into his six yard box and remains nailed to his goalline. He is not the answer to a team wanting promotion. Orient got rid...
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    Good, Bad & Ugly

    Mixed signals from today with the game being very much one of two halves. The first five minutes it was hoof ball on display from both sides. PNE only began to settle down after the 10 mark with brownhill and browne helping to dictate play in the middle. We started passing the ball a lot...
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    Where did it all go wrong?

    The simple answer is the sheer limitations of the squad. And I think Grayson was all too well aware of that fact going into these playoffs. We were a work in progress who simply werent as good as the top four teams in the division. Caning relegation boys like Carlisle and Shrewsbury last month...
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    The road to relegation...

    Been looking at the rest of the fixtures for this season. Next three games could see the relegation battle heat up. With us facing three top eight sides in that period, both Oldham and Scunthorpe have much easier schedules. We could certainly be in the drop zone by the end of the month. If this...
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    Hello Relegation

    Losing today should rubber stamp the need to sack GW asap. We're now on a run of 1 win in 13 games. We have demonstrated that he can't even oversee draws nevermind wins against Shrewsbury (1 win away all season) or Colchester (8 losses from last 10 games). It gives me no faith that GW can turn...
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    Skill Is More Important Than Attitude

    Worst display of the season today (and there have been plenty of contenders). Just one win in last 10 games and that was a scrappy 1-0 win against bottom of the league. AIMITA is not working. We witnessed Walsall (a side who operate of gates of 3000+) outplay us for the full 90 mins - and who...
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    Any Kinks fans on here?

    'The Kast Off Kinks' are playing at Mad Ferret on July 6th. Looking forward to it. Here's some info from the MF website: "Mick Avory (Kink from 1964-1984) on drums who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, Jim Rodford (Kink from 1978-1996) on bass and vocals who in addition...
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    Mad Ferret

    The new website for the Mad Ferret went live today: Some cool shows lined up - I'd strongly reccomend USA act 'Crocodiles' on Sat Feb 12th.