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  1. Mod & Admin Team

    Happy 100th Sir Tom Finney

    Happy 100th Sir Tom Finney. The greatest - we hope somewhere you will see how very much still loved you are and will never be forgotten Tonight is just our little tribute to show the world that Legends Never Die.
  2. Mod & Admin Team

    Sir Tom Finney & Fan Voted Surfer Flag (The winning designs - teaser pics of flags added)

    Thank you to everyone for their participation in our votes for PNE Online's surfer flags. Pending some tweaks by the graphics experts these are the two designs that have been selected by the PNE fanbase. We have had thousands of votes across all platforms for both flags and we thank you all...
  3. Mod & Admin Team

    Important Notice (Please Read)

    All, The last 22 months have been a testing time for everyone. Covid has changed our lives forever and the stress brought with it has brought out the best and the worst in us all. Couple that up with the goings on at Deepdale and you can see that all our frustrations, anxiety and at times...
  4. Mod & Admin Team

    Forum Announcement March 2021 (Please Read)

    As we welcome our two new volunteer Moderators onto the team, the Admin and Moderators would like to take this as an opportunity to remind all posters of the part they, along with the moderators and admin, play in the success of this forum as we approach 17 years of existence in this format...