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  1. Hitch 22

    Alex Neil

    Do our fan base overrate him ? Stoke fans currently not keen .
  2. Hitch 22

    Parenting and schools

    This got my attention not necessarily because of the Schools and policy but due to replies off parents on Facebook. In my opinion good parents raise their children how to...
  3. Hitch 22


    Did I detect a bit of his fitness back yest afternoon seemed like he's getting back in form ? What an odd player he is always takes him 12 games to get up to speed but once he's back in form he must start in my opinion .
  4. Hitch 22

    Anyone with young kids ...

    My eight year old son who's just properly started getting into football started crying when Sheff United's second goal went in .I myself don't remember crying at games so just wondering if it's normal ? He started consoling himself in the car with the "we not in relation zone and Blackpool got...
  5. Hitch 22

    Ryan Lowe not looking at Free Agents ! This has gone down like a lead balloon on Twitter .Ryan sounds like he can't be arsed .Let's face it he gets paid a fortune so I think the least he can do is look to improve...
  6. Hitch 22

    Now I see it

    Why McCann hasn't started and Riis .Not good enough .Brady was bloody wank today .and Parrott is so frustrating.Ahh has for Lowe sorry for me he needs to change formations and be more adaptable.
  7. Hitch 22

    Welcome to Wrexham

    Fully recommend really enjoying so far on Disney plus if you have it . Obviously about the Americans owning the club and it's really interesting.Phil Parkinson just taken over on episode I'm on and he mentions how his folks where big PNE supporters when he was young .
  8. Hitch 22

    New virus detected

    In Argentina causing bilateral Pneumonia.Apparently not Covid ,Flu ,Monkeypox or legionnaires .Currently 3 people have died and also of 9 people 8 are medical workers in hospital.
  9. Hitch 22

    Last 10 mins

    Why on earth aren't we going direct and throwing balls and players in the box when we want to win .The players seem to have it drilled into them to play pretty football at all times .Whilst I much prefer our style of play overall I found it frustrating,side to side tip tap football when we...
  10. Hitch 22

    BBC Radio Lancs Sports.

    Wtf happened to that ? Turned on after game today ,Female presenter shocking then interviewing fans and shite insights from former players .Just Awful .Clearly Sports budget cut .Wank .
  11. Hitch 22

    I hate Keir Starmer

    Summed up rather well here
  12. Hitch 22

    Unpopular opinion

    I wish Jeremy Corbyn was still leader of Labour when they get a landslide victory at the next election .As it is I'm afraid we will get Tory lite with Keir Starmer and wtf wants that? not me ,not the public sector that's for sure .
  13. Hitch 22

    Horizon Car Parks

    Profiteering Cowboy Scumbags .How this fraudulent company survive is beyond me .Never park at Fishergate again ! For more read 1000s of 1 star reviews on Trustpilot .End of thread .
  14. Hitch 22

    The Weekend Warm Up

    Thought it might be nice for folks to post the weekly weekend warm up here for folks who don't use social media First un
  15. Hitch 22


    For this tweet .Hope the author is here
  16. Hitch 22

    Ascot tips Day 1

    Get them free from bloke who pays subs .Might be crap but I'll put here
  17. Hitch 22


    My son's obsessed with Geography so plays this daily .I got today's first time .Easy peasy 🤣🤣 #Worldle #121 1/6 (100%) 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🎉
  18. Hitch 22

    Afraid of Heights?

    I was on the YouTube the other day and realised what triggered my fear of heights . Watching John Noakes scale Nelson's Column in just his flares and no harness 😵‍💫.Think a national petition for the phrase 'ee ba gum "needs to be reinstated too 🤣🤣
  19. Hitch 22

    MRKT insights

    I see they worked with Lowe at Plymouth.I wonder who else in the Championship uses them for scouting etc ?If say 5 clubs in Championship uses them would they be recommending same players to all clubs ? Anyone know how it works ?
  20. Hitch 22


    Another fun game you get to listen to music and need to get artist and track .I got in 7 seconds today but should have done better . 🔈⬛️🟥⬛️🟩⬜️⬜️