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    Anyone going to Carrow Road tomorrow?

    If so we may get the chance to meet up as I will be there cheering the lads on (to 3 points hopefully) (y)
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    Safe parking at Turf Moor

    Hi, my mate, who is on holiday in the Lakes and a Norwich City Season ticket holder, is driving to Turf Moor on Friday for the Burnley v Norwich game. He asked if I knew where the best place was to park his car. Has anyone got any ideas, or those that have been where did you park your car...
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    How long before the Boycott commences?

    Given that Quickley has run away from his Blackpool managerial job as quick as he could and that Simon SADler has said that because he is putting £30million of his own money into creating a new Training HQ and the building of a new stand so there is not much money available for new players, how...
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    From the ‘pool MB

    I agree with the majority of posts on here and all credit to them for not being bitter.
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    RIP Andy Lochhead I must be getting old, I remember watching him play for Burnley, good player and very good header of the ball. RIP Andy, thoughts and prayers are with his family
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    Derby County latest
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    Ben Davies

    It is being reported on the Blades MB that Ben's wife is terminally ill, if this is correct it must be devistating for him snd his family. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his wife at this time which is normally a happy one when families get together. :cry...
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    Now Blackpool are starting to struggle....

    They are now not really saying anything about their home attendances dropping slowly (be interesting to see what their home attendance will be if they dont beat Peterborough (H) next Saturday but are accusing or attendance being what they are because: Where do they get that from? Is there any...
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    Poll - Is it time for Peter Ridsdale to Go?

    Have you had enough of Peter Ridsdale that he should go now or should he be given longer, or should he stay incharge? For me the longer he stays the worse our club and plight will be therefore, he has to go now!
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    North End's Double Double

    Like all North End fans, and many non North End fans, know about our 1888-89 double winning season but it was only last week that I read about our second double. The Football League began as normal on August 26, 1939, as war with Germany was not declared by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain...
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    I don't want to come over as not caring but...

    does anyone know when TH's funeral is? Reason I am asking is that I hope that the 'family' are not just going to say to PR: If that was to be the case, I'd rather wait another couple of weeks and let 'the family' sort it out, firstly by getting rid of PR, then giving the manager's/Head...
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    Norwich City Training Complex

    Norwich City have spent £10 million on their Training Complex over the last 4 years making it one of the best in Europe if not the world. This is their latest purchase which cost them £750,000...
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    Roger Hunt RIP

    Another of my childhood footballing heros has passed on to the other side. RIP Roger and thoughts are with family and friends.
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    Why would any away fan want to stay overnight/weekend in Blackpool?

    These are posts from Barnsley fans (from their MB ) who 'pool played yesterday about the state of Blackpool in general: And so on......
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    North West Football Awards - Get Voting
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    The summer transfer window for each Championship club during the summer of 2021 Quite interesting
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    Blackpool 'future world champ' boxer Frank Varey dies aged 16 after drowning in river

    So terrible for his family and so young too. RIP Frank...
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    Championship Fixtures for 2021-2022 season

    The Championship fixtures are released next Thursday, June 24th at 9:00a.m. Who would you like us to play in the first game? Which fixtures would you like for us over the Christmas/New Year? Who would you like for our last game of the season? Which game of ours would you like to have Gentry...
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    Since the ‘new’ Wembley Stadium opened in 2007....

    ...only eight Football League clubs have yet to make an appearance there. Accrington Stanley Colchester. Crawley. Ipswich Nottingham Forest. Oldham. Port Vale. Now can anyone name the eighth club ? Yes, that’s right, it is Blackburn Rovers 🤣
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    Keeper sent off in penalty shootout

    Never ever thought I’d see this in a game: