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  1. Poggers

    The Krazy Kitchen Cafe Opening Early For Gentry Day

    Just to let people know, the Krazy Kitchen cafe on Plungy Road is opening early on Saturday for all PNE fans wanting a breakfast before the early trains depart for Fulham. I know a few that are already heading there, so if anyone is looking for a feed before the trip down, they are opening from...
  2. Poggers

    Note Regarding Clubshop Ambassador Discount

    Just a note to anyone going to the club shop who want to take advantage of the ambassador discount scheme at the club shop. I went in today to get my little girl the new away shirt and some other items. When I mentioned I was an ambassador at the till to get my discount, the chap asked me for...
  3. Poggers

    LFA Sunday Trophy Semi Final

    For anyone looking to watch a bit of local football, The LFA Sunday Trophy Semi Final will be taking place at Bamber Bridge's Sir Tom Finney Stadium this evening at 7:30pm. The teams competing for a place in the final of this prestigious cup, are Ingol Rangers and Tanterton. It should be a...
  4. Poggers

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    I'm just on to the last series of sons of anarchy. Having already watched 24, Prison Break And Homeland, what are the best series to watch on Netflix??
  5. Poggers

    LFA Sunday Trophy Quarter Final 22nd November 2015

    Tanterton Football Club will be playing in the Quarter Final of the LFA Sunday trophy on Sunday 22nd November. The team have had a great start to the season so far, and this is a big game for them. We are trying to generate as much interest as possible, so if you are at a loose end that day...
  6. Poggers

    Away Kit?

    As last seasons yellow kit is now our 3rd kit according to the online shop, is there any news on what our away kit is going to be? Colours or designs?
  7. Poggers

    Joy and heartbreak of first time mother with terminal cancer.

    This story was featured in todays LEP. 22 of us are raising money for cancer research! We are currently 2nd in the UK and are on a drive to reach top spot for our amazing friend! If anyone would...
  8. Poggers

    Exchanging Euros (Currency)

    Anyone know who offers the best exchange rate for changing some Euros?? In Preston Or Chorley Preferably!
  9. Poggers

    The Seats That Are Covered At The Front of the Stands??

    What is this about?? Why are they all covered at the front of the town end and the shankley Kop??
  10. Poggers

    Pi$$ Poor PR from PNE!

    My sister is arranging/hosting a charity night for "The Corey Ashcroft Appeal" It is to try and raise funds to send a 2year old lad, who has been diagnosed with a really aggresive form or cancer, to Philadelphia for treatment which is not available in the uk. I said I would email a few people...
  11. Poggers

    Fifa 11 On Xbox360 keeps crashing!!

    For some reason, my fifa 11 keeps crashing on me! I cant even manage a game before it completley freezes! Anyone know what it is or even better a cure?? Its an Xbox Elite incase your wondering!
  12. Poggers

    Lost Season Ticket :-(

    I cant go to the game today, as ive been looking everywhere for my Season Ticket, but cant find it anywhere! Whats the script on getting it replaced?? Gutted i cant go today, got 3/4 way to Scunny last week, so i was really looking forward to it today!!
  13. Poggers

    Maurice Lindsay On BBC Radio Lancs Before 6:30pm

    Just said on Radio Lancs ML will be on before 6:30pm. Announcment maybe???
  14. Poggers

    Car Dealerships Open Over Christmas For Repairs....

    Great start to my Christmas Day, drove to my Nannas and my car decided to pack in! Reading on the internet, it sounds like the Alternator has gone on it. As it was Christmas day i decided to park it up and leave it there and got a lift home. I am in Direct Line Breakdown, but havnt rang them...
  15. Poggers

    The Wrongs At PNE at present!

    Davidson as Captain..... he shouldnt even be in the team, let alone club captain. Craig Morgan..... He is one of the poorest defenders i have ever seen. He looks so un natural when in possesion of the ball, not how it should be for a professional footballer. Distinct lack of pace up...
  16. Poggers

    Preston Fans Fighting With The Police......

    According to Gabby Logans Twitter Feed............
  17. Poggers

    Shoya Tomizawa, Moto 2 Rider Passes Away At San Marino....

    Such sad news...... the lad was only 19 years old. Gutted
  18. Poggers

    Android Market

    Having swapped from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S this week, im a newbie to the Android Market! Have any of you got any reccomendations to download from the Android Market???? Thanks in advanced!
  19. Poggers

    Moto GP - Losail, Qatar

    Gutted the race got cancelled last night!! At least its being run today, does anyone know if and what channel it is going to be on the tv???
  20. Poggers

    Yates's New Years Eve

    Was anyone else in town last night?? Yates was ment to be open till 4am, but had to shut at approx half 1 when a massive fight broke out!! The scale of it was something ive never seen before!! There were bottles being thrown and allsorts!! One lad was stood on a stool and just repetedly had...