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    An Multicultural success story.. Horrible to read how violent and dangerous Sweden has become. if only we could put our finger on why it’s gone to ratshit? it must be those racist nasty indigenous Swedes
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    Happy birthday to the Forum Curmudgeon

    Happy birthday raefil. Despite you being an argumentative, boring, left wing, Marxist, Corbynista, wind up merchant tosspot, I hope you have a great birthday and a good few days away.
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    Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

    Now the Great Unwashed are back on the streets of London, how genuine are they?
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    The Boars Head

    So the owners are denied permission to demolish the Boars Head, which has been the subject of a dispute with locals and a campaign to reopen it, and it miraculously bursts into flames. Not even subtle.
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    Benidorm or Bust - Self Funded Banger Rally in aid of Macmillan - PNE on Tour - Team 29

    Having spoken with JK he says that this is ok to post here. On 12th May my Father in Law and I will be taking part in the Benidorm or Bust British Banger Rally and we are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care. The reason I am putting it on here and why it is PNE related is that each team...
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    Rife Homophobia in Birmingham

    Rife homophobia is apparently OK if you believe in fairies... Why the fuck should wankers like these, and I include all conservative religious groups, be allowed to...
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    Absolutely no link whatsoever..,..
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    Lenny Johnrose

    Sad news about Lenny Johnrose who has been diagnosed with MND. A Preston lad who had a very good lower league career and a thoroughly decent bloke. Best wishes Lenny.
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    I've briefly scoured these pages to see if any of our serial Thread Starters and Socialist cheerleaders have started a thread about the sad decline of the wonderful socialist, shining beacon, example to all state that is Venezuela. I must have missed them. I'll start the replies to save time...
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    And now London Bridge

    Witnesses see a car striking pedestrians...
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    Jury Service

    I am required to fulfill my civic duty very soon. How many of you lot have done it and what have been your experiences?
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    Alt-Right leader attacked at protest

    Richard Spencer, leader of the "Alt Right", an obnoxious fucker with equally obnoxious views, was attacked by a protester while being interviewed the other day. Theres a...
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    For those that may not know, Barton from this forum was involved in a serious accident on Lightfoot Lane last night and is in a pretty bad way in hospital. He is a big northender and is known by a fair few on here. Fingers crossed he pulls through.
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    Invasive OTT Search by US TSA? Thoughts? I can't believe this is news.
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    Man Up.

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    Meanwhile in the UK, as the world burns....

    The important matters are being addressed and people are being saved...
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    Pyjama Rounders

    I've been watching a lot of baseball over the last few weeks and I've really got into it. The World Series went into the final game 7 last night and was won by the Chicago Cubs for the first time in 108 years and finally laying the goat curse to rest.
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    Louis Smith - A victim of new blasphemy laws

    So as fears, it appears we do have a return to a blasphemy law in this country, especially when it comes to a certain religion. Blasphemy is a victim-less crime but you can guarantee such an uproar would not have been made if this was about any other religion. Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan...
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    Terror incident at Greenwich Tube Station

    Suspect package found this morning and a controlled explosion has been carried out, Shocking new details have emerged, Nickleback are playing the O2 tonight....
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    Anti-Spit Masks What are your thoughts on the introduction of these anti-spit masks? i can't see an issue with them to be honest. Being spat on is one of the most disgusting things that can happen to someone. Add to...